5 Best Instant Pots In India 2020

5 Best Instant Pots In India 2020

The time has come when you need to bid goodbye to your gas cooking ranges or pressure cookers to welcome into your kitchen the Instant Pot. The kitchen appliance is an automatic cooking appliance catering to all your cooking needs. This appliance is value for money, ensuring that you not only spend less time in the kitchen but also less effort. Here we are with a list of 5 Best Instant Pots In India 2020.

  1. Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker

The Mealthy MultiPot is a programmable electric pressure cooker having nine functions ensuring fantastic cooking experience. The control touch panel arrives with 9-in1 cooking functions as well as 14 pre-set programs. If you use the device at Slow Cook mode, then it can function for over twenty-four hours continually. It is easy to adjust the controls and use this Instant Pot as it comes with the innovative safety aspects, including silicone mitts. It is a stainless-steel cooking pot, which implies that it is highly durable in comparison to other appliances though it lacks ceramic coating.

2. Instant Pot Duo 60 – 5.7L 1000W 7-in-1 multi-use pressure cooker

Instant Pot Duo 60 is undoubtedly a smart electric multi-purpose pressure cooking appliance. Some of the best features that come handy with this machine include smooth touch controls and adjustable temperature settings. The device works flawlessly in a typical Indian kitchen environment and is extremely safe to use. You need not put in much effort to understand the controls. The stainless steel renders it highly durable though it lacks silicone mitts, which would have been of great help at catering to additional protection. It comes with a Safety Lid lock and a sensor for lid position detection ensuring user safety.

3. Geek Robocook Automatic 5L Electric Pressure Cooker with 11-in-1 function

The Geek Robocook is a programmable cooker that excels at preparing south Indian dishes. This appliance comes with 11-in-1 feature functioning on advanced cooking technology. The appliance makes sure that you enjoy a mess-free and efficient cooking experience. It comes with the advanced microchips giving you access to control the pre-set menus eliminating any requirement to guess the pressure, heat settings, or temperature. The Teflon coating of the appliance ensures that the food you cook does not stick to the utensil; replacing this coating is not possible, and it does not even come with spare bowls.

4. NutriBullet NutriCook Smart Electric Pressure Cooker Pot

The NutriCook electric pressure cooker eliminates the need to have about nine different cooking appliances in your kitchen. This appliance comes with one-touch controls, fingerprint-resistant technology, auto shut-off feature, and stainless-steel cooking pot.

5. Preethi Touch EPC005 6L Electric Pressure Cooker

The appliance has five multifunctional uses featuring 15 pre-programmed menus, water level indicator, Nutri++ technology, and easy-to-use controls. This device also comes with an auto-warming feature and a capacity to hold 6L.

All in all, these are the 5 Best Instant Pots In India 2020. These are all a real right hand when it comes to working in the kitchen if your household. These are all available at a budget price.


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