5 Best English Language Learning Apps In India

5 Best English Language Learning Apps In India

English is one of the most vital languages known to enhance overall communication skills. Knowing English helps you improve not only your personality but also improves the chances of fetching a job in the competitive job market easily. Unlike in the past, today learning English is not a cumbersome task,. All you need is to have access to an internet connection and download some of the fabulous applications for learning the language. Without further ado, here are the 5 Best English Language Learning Apps In India that are extremely helpful and easy to use:

  1. Duolingo

This is one of the most popular apps to learn the English language all across the globe. The leaderboard challenge is one feature is one thing that attracts users all around the globe where users get an opportunity to compete against other others. As it revolves around the gaming, you enjoy every bit of learning the language. The motivation to unlock one level after another helps you maintain the zeal to learn English. This particular app is an all-rounder app when it comes to learning the English language.

2. Quiz your English

If the purpose of learning the English language is to appear in some tests, then this is a perfect online platform for you. It is a design and product of Cambridge Assessment English and has levels catering to the specific needs of Cambridge B2 First as well as IELTS. The type of vocabulary and grammar that you find here is exactly what you get to use in real life too. The feature to play on the app offers light relief after intense preparation.

3. The British Council

If getting a good hold over grammar is something that you crave for then this is the one-stop solution for you. Download the app on your smartphone today that contains umpteen lessons as well as games. There are different levels for beginners, average learners, and for those who are advanced English language learners.

4. 6,000 Words

This is one of the best apps to enhances your vocabulary. The app helps you to learn vocabulary in one of the simplest ways where you get to learn new words with the help of text as well as pictures. On the app, you will find around six thousand lexical items belonging to different themes including sports, weather, food etcetera.

5. Beelingu

It is one of the best story-telling apps that allow you to practice your reading skills. The app cleverly dictates the story in two diverse languages at the same time. First and foremost, you get to read the story in the English language and then read the same sentences in your native language The text that is in the karaoke-style helps you listen as well as read-along simultaneously.

All in all, these are the 5 Best English Language Learning Apps In India that you can download on your smartphones today. If your favorite is missing from the list, you can mention the same in the comment section below.


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