5 best android apps to make free internet voice calls online

Google Hangout

Android applications are widely known for their varied features and specifications. From playing games to sending files, everything is possible using these applications. Some of the best applications that can allow you to make free calls to your friends and families are Google Hangout, Skype, Facebook, Viber and Rounds. Let’s know about each of them one by one!

Google Hangout

Google Hangout

Google Hangout is the most common application that an android user have on his or her device. It is actually a multi-featured application that allows you to chat with your friends and people who are there on your contact list in Gmail and Gtalk. You can also make calls to these contacts using the application of hangout. The latest update of the application also allows you to make a video conferencing with your people.



Skype is another application for android that is well known and recognized by many of the users. Skype is mainly known for its video features but you have a number of other features to reveal in the application. You can send and receive instant text messages along with images or videos and can make voice calls to your friends. The best thing for which the application is known is its video calling feature. Enjoy a clear and hassle free video calling service with Skype on your device.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger

Who is not aware of Facebook these days? And with the increasing craze of the social networking site Facebook, the Facebook messenger has also become one of the android application that is being downloaded the most by the users. Facebook Messenger along with its messaging features also allows the users to place a voice call to their Facebook friends. Also you can enjoy free video calling services to your Facebook friends using the application Facebook Messenger.



Well, after Whats-app if you can talk about a messaging application, it is Viber. With various wonderful stickers and a special image doodling feature, Viber has many other features that you can explore as you continue using it. Viber also offers you calling features, both voice and video conferencing along with the features of messaging and sharing of files. One extra special feature of Viber is that, you get a feature called Viber Out, which you can use to call even people who are not on Viber.

Rounds Video

Rounds Video

Rounds Video is an android application that is basically dedicated for videos, somewhat similar to Skype but with some extra additional features. After downloading the application, you can easily start it using your Facebook profile. Now you can send and receive messages, place a voice call to your contacts and also enjoy a seamless video conferencing using the application. Apart from these there are some extra fun features added such as photo editing using the webcam settings and others.

Apart from the above mentioned android applications there are many more other applications that you can download and use in messaging and calling, but from quality and popularity concern the above mentioned are the 5 best applications. You can search them on Google Play store and can install them directly on your smartphone device.


  1. Already Google hangout have been mentioned on Number 1 position , Alex. You are talking about which app ? please mention it clearly so that we can add that particular app in our list .. 🙂

  2. Don’t know why you left out Google hangouts dialer it saved me when I didn’t pay my phone bill turned it into a WiFi phone that can text and call through WiFi mind you using my Google voice number it was amazing it floated me till payday


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