3 Methods To Get Night Mode Option On Android phone


Android phones have been a blessing to everyone since they first made their appearance. Not only does these offer the obvious features like calling and receiving calls but at the same time these also allows you to make use of the same with the features that comfort you. Out of all the features be it the necessary or the luxury, one feature that all young and old demand or crave for is the night mode. I am sure that at some point or the other you might have wished that your android smartphone had the night feature to offer to you. Keeping this is mind we have prepared this article for you. In this article you will get to read 3 Methods To Get Night mode Option on Android phone. Using these methods you can enable the set Activate as well as the Get Night mode feature on any of the android phones that you have. These primarily and more specifically include the ones that are running on the Ics, Jelly bean, kitkat, lollipop, marshmallow as well as the Nougat.

3 Methods To Get Night mode Option on Android phone

Today people spent almost the entire day using their phone which leads to fatigue in eyes. The only way to prevent this is the usage of the eye protection mode. This is one of the effective methods to combat the blue light on the screen. This blue light is actually harmful because it disrupts the production of eye, that is an important sleep hormone. The Night Shift feature that  is now available for many of the Android smartphones are powered by iOS 9.3. Using this function you can apply a filter on the screen of your smartphone that helps to reduce the stress on the eye stress by neutralizing some of the blue light that is emitted by the screen of the smartphone. Here we are providing you the setup guide. In this you will learn how to get the night mode on your Android, be it native or not.

  1. Turn on Night mode in Android Nougat


One of the three methods that is available to activate the night mode feature on Android is the turning on of Night mode in Android Nougat. Google knows and appreciates that the Night mode feature is important for you and has therefore come up with the idea to implement the same in Google Pixel Android Nougat. In order to set the night mode on android and activate it you need to follow certain steps. You simply need to  go to the device settings and then on the  screen and eventually the Night light. Besides, you can also set the same so that the night light mode gets activated that too automatically during the required times.

  1. Using Night mode Android app


There are plenty of apps that are available on the Google Play Store which allow you to do the same. One such app is the Blue light filter that is also one of the best night mode app available for your android. This one offers the same functionalities like those that are offered by the Android natively. Besides it makes available the new options that lets you select the color of the filter from the seven that are available, the shortcuts on the home screen as well as the widget on the notification screen. Not only this, but it can also be schedule activated.

Midnight App


With the help of the Midnight app you can reduce the brightness. You can do so to not only minimum of the android screen but also below it. Not only can you choose the proportion of the brightness but also you can activate the color filters. These include blue, warm orange and many more that you can apply to the screen. This helps to reduce the discomfort that brightness cause you in the night. There are further three options that the app has in store for you. These are, firstly manual, meaning that the user has to activate or deactivate the same. Secondly, timer, meaning that you can set the start as well as the end time so as to activate the night mode. Last but not least, automatic that pretends to activate the mode  automatically depending on the conditions of the surrounding of the device. Also, you can select the available colours from the main screen of the app. After you have configured these settings, you just have to click on the Start button.

Night Mode Enabler available for Android 7.0 Nougat


Night mode enabler App is for those users who are habitual to using their smart phone in the night. The app functions to take care of the intensity of the brightness of the smart phone when you are  asleep at night. It reduces the brightness of the screen going beyond the settings  that the device allows.

  1. The other options


There are the models that include the Honor, Huawei, Asus, OnePlus also the Samsung that have cut the efforts short. These  manufacturers did not bother to wait for the Nougat update. Enabling the night mode on a few sets of smart phones that they provide, it is already there. So as to activate these  you need to simply go to the settings or else the shortcuts. This is that simple.

All in all, these are the 3 Methods To Get Night mode Option on Android phone. These will allow you to experience the feature of turning on or enabling the  Night mode feature. These you can avail on any of your Android phone.  I hope the article was a useful one to you and solves your purpose. In case you know any of the alternatives to the above you can jot down the same in the comments.


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