2021 Gadgets Wishlist from iPhone 12 to PlayStation

2021 Gadgets Wishlist from iPhone 12 to PlayStation

The year 2021 will go down as a significantly important year in history since the world is embarking on the biggest vaccination campaign of all time. The inoculation drive taken is likely to continue throughout the year, though it is unclear how effective the vaccine will be. However, the magnitude of the vaccination drive will presumably keep people indoors most of the time in 2021 as well, as it happened in 2020.

Such a phenomenon will mean a greater reliance on gadgets to sustain, entertain, and to isolate people at times. It is expected that in 2021, the new gadgets will improve the lives of people while at work or out of work. The gadgets may include improved quality of laptops, office chairs, gaming consoles or home workstation, fast-performing graphic cards, guitar equipment, and cordless vacuums.

A few gadgets that top the wish list in 2021 are described in the following paragraphs.

MacBook Air M1

For a laptop upgrade, the highly powerful MacBook Air M1 can be the best choice in 2021 for its excellent performance including excellent battery life. Like AirPods and HomePod, Apple has been able to find a winning strategy for the latest Macs, with the M1 SoC, reducing the risk of purchasing a first-gen product. Even though the current price is a bit higher, there can be good offers available, like Diwali Deal in e-commerce sites that can make MacBook Air M1 the best value for money.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Since the launching of PS4 in 2014, several positive reviews about Sony’s Play Station 5 indicate several improvements like the use of haptic feedback on Dualsense controller and adaptive triggers. With uncertainties regarding the launching of Microsoft’s X box series X next-generation exclusive Forza Horizon, PlayStation 5 can be a safer option to choose. Sony’s PlayStation 5 is the most sensible option for investing in 2021.

iPhone 12 mini

In 2021, the best alternative to the Android phone is an iPhone 12 mini. The major factor for considering the iPhone 12 mini is the miniature size of the iPhone, and though the size is very small, no problem in operating the phone is encountered. The product is a very tempting one and there is no smaller sized Android phone having such capability.

The iOS as well as a very capable Apple A14 Bionic that is better than Qualcomm, make the phone unique. Further, the Ultrawide angle camera produces excellent results along with its usage. The camera capabilities and image processing of iPhones have been excellent, though the life of the battery remains a bit of a problem. There is an issue with typing, but it will not be a problem when used on regular basis.

iPhone 13/ iPhone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Pro Max is coming with an improved ultra-wide camera lens in 2021, which is an improvement of Android phones and can be a favorite purchase in the New Year. With the introduction of the ‘Pro Motion” of 120 Hz high-refresh-rate screen display, Apple has put the iPhone pro models much ahead of the race. Your hard-earned cash will be getting the best value for money for investing in iPhone 13/ iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Gaming Desktop

Owning a desktop can be beneficial to carry out working continuously in a work from the home situation without straining eyes and back. Further, a 13-inch laptop can be good while traveling, but in case you are confined to home, having an actual computer can be beneficial to work with. Even a middle-level gaming desktop can be excellent for work as well as for having a fun time.

High-Tech Workstation Setup

The widespread outbreak of coronavirus led to the trend of work from home and is expected to continue further for some time at least. Choosing to upgrade the existing home office can be a good decision in 2021. Traditional chairs and work desks may not be comfortable for working longer hours and can result in sitting diseases due to a sedentary lifestyle. The best option is to opt for selecting an advanced workstation set up having an adjustable desk for height.

Electric workstation desks are available on Flipkart and Amazon and other e-commerce sites and can be a very good choice to meet the challenges of work from home in recent times. Though the price of such a set-up is high, the rapid growth in work from home is expected to make the availability more affordable in 2021. Even if no upgrade is made for the laptop or primary phone, a good quality office chair may be highly essential even after wearing off of the post-traumatic period of 2020. A reasonable amount of investment needs to be made for securing a good quality office chair even without investing for super-high-end c like Herman Miller model or another highly expensive gaming chair.


If you need to run Adobe Premiere Pro Software smoothly, an iMac will be the best option to buy.

Nvidia Graphics Card

Upgrading CPU for a gadget is extremely important for having a beautiful experience, and Nvidia GeForce 2000 series can be the best option for your rig. Though the earlier Nvidia GeForce 1660 Super performed well, the improved version of the 2060 Super will be excellent for editing and gaming. It will help to lower the export time as well as saying hello to sweet ray-tracing. On Apex Legends, you can enjoy more kills, and upgrading RAM to 32 GB in 2021 will make the system faster.

Apple One

Another excellent purchase option in 2021 that do not need spending extravagantly is to get an Apple One subscription. For example, with iPhone 12 Pro, you can enjoy several games from Apple Arcade. Further, with around Rs 195 base plan payment per month for Apple One, you can have the best return for investment, without paying for a separate subscription. Apart from using Apple Arcade, and Apple Music, you will get access to Apple TV also along with a storage capacity of 50 GB in the cloud.

Guitar interface and Studio Monitors

If you already possess a PC, smartphone, and even software, you may try a guitar interface. It is though somewhat low-tech but can be an excellent option to connect to the laptop to enjoy a high-quality output. There are several options like the Focusrite Scarlet Solo, which is a USB audio interface coming with Pro Tools. Further, there are JBL Professional NANO KS Studio monitors which have an awesome performance also.

Apple Watch SE

In 2021, one gadget that is making big news is Apple Watch SE. Everything from look as well as to the specifications of Apple Watch SE is perfect; having the majority of software features of Apple Watch Series 6, and is available at an affordable price.

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro

Keeping homes perfectly clean on a regular basis is a chore and often becomes very difficult. You need to either do the cleaning work after work or you have to get up early to carry out home cleaning jobs. A DYSON vacuum cleaner like Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is an excellent choice to get all cleaning jobs done perfectly.

Dyson Absolute Pro can deep clean thick carpets and sofas and help to get rid of small particles and dust very effectively. Though the price tag attached to such a gadget is high, the investment for the vacuum cleaner is worth the money.

New CPU, Motherboard, GPU, PlayStation 5, And 4K TV

If you are using Nvidia GeForce RTX 2020 Super since 2020, you will be happy to know that the new 3000 series of GPUs are already available in the market and more are expected to come. It will be a good choice to upgrade the present CPU to the Core i7-1070K as well as the motherboard (Z490) in 2021. More upgrades are going to come next year like the Ti version of the GeForce RTX 3070, which is at present out of budget but expected to become affordable. You may also consider owning a PSS and a 4 K TV in 2021 and trying to source from other countries, if not available in India.


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