10 Secret Simple Steps to Successful Blogging

10 Secret Simple Steps to Successful Blogging

This question is rather meaningless to the netizens of the 21st Century. For the handful of those oblivious old-school people, a blog is a modern form of diary log that is essentially put up in a website so that almost 3.2 billion internet users worldwide can look into the content and gain information, knowledge or get help in any of their daily activities. Individuals or team can create blogs on different topics. In fact, various corporations, celebrity PR Groups, academic institutions, et. al. spend large portions of their budget to create blogs with powerful messages to attract a million readers and be on the top of their respective fields.

The primary target of any and every blog is to go viral and attract as many reads/views possible within a short span of time. A quick yet effective guide to good quality blogging is as follows:

Clarity on the subject:

The essence of a blog lies in the fact that it is essentially a story that one intends to tell the world. When an ambiguous piece of a tale is served, it does not sit well. Therefore, it is extremely important that the subject should be crystal clear. This aspect forms the stepping-stone towards a successful blog.

Mass Appeal:

The next ingredient towards a blog’s eminence is its appeal to the masses. The current trends on what kind of contents (writings, videos, photos, journals, etc.) is hogged by the public, in general, should be understood and then only the blog should be developed.

‘Honesty is the best Policy’:

Following this simple rule will ensure miraculous results in the blog’s popularity. The information provided should be genuine, better if it is the first-hand experience. Otherwise, good research with Mr. Google is quite effective in increasing the authenticity of the blog’s content.

Avoid ‘beating around the bush’:

The other aspect that goes hand-in-hand with clarity is crispness. It is advised to be crisp with the information and not foam up with unnecessary fillers, as it decreases the readability of any content. Often a blog is viewed to get truthful answers to questions. Therefore, keeping it informative and to the point scores well with a blog’s viewership.

Articulation and Presentation:

The two key pillars of any blogs lie in its articulation and presentation. Adorning a blog with videos or pictures always increases the interest of the readers. In addition, breaking the primary subject into short paragraphs, bullets and highlight the keywords also prove to be good in engrossing the readers.

The tone of kindness:

The modern world is witnessing a steady decline in kindness and a steep rise in loneliness. Most of the avid readers of blogs search for answers in them. Keeping the tone as a gentle grandma’s words can work wonders with the USP of the blog written.


Fresh content sells best. One should bear in mind that the fresh approach and nature of the blog can never go wrong. This weapon in the arsenal will provide war-winning results.

Blogging may seem easy but it is only successful when you achieve results out of it. You can have a successful blog only when you can follow some of the basic guidelines. Knowing the secrets can help you in creating a successful blog.


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