Why a High Number of Digital Advertisers Make Use of SEO for The Marketing Strategies?

Why a High Number of Digital Advertisers Make Use of SEO for The Marketing Strategies

As per a recent survey study, about 79% of the digital advertisers today are making use of SEO. This data shows up the results of the current year 2019. This data is quite fascinating to know for a reason. Today maximum of the digital advertisers makes use of the paid marketing channels. Along with this, about 79% of them have also integrated SEO to the campaign.

Among the most commonly used digital channels used by the advertisers today, SEO is the common one at the top. The second important was digital advertising. Apart from these two, there are also many channels too. Some of these are email marketing, word of mouth marketing, content marketing, and many others.

List Of Responses

To get a proper view of which channel did dominate the market and what demand do other channels to have, here is a percentage-wise response for each of the channel.

  • SEO topped the list as about 79% of the total population of digital advertisers said that they make use of SEO tactics for their marketing campaigns.
  • Next came up to be email marketing with a response of about 66%.
  • Content marketing has been there in the third position with a response percentage of about 60%.
  • The word of mouth channel has a response rate of about 47% in the current scenario.
  • When you talk about direct mail, almost 32% of the total advertisers make use of this channel.
  • Event marketing has a demand of about 26% in the advertiser’s population.
  • Guerrilla marketing has a response rate of about 9%.
  • The response rate of affinity marketing is about just 6%.
  • The use of telemarketing was quite on a hike a few years ago. But with the presence of so many above-mentioned channels, the response rate for telemarketing has dropped down as much as about 4%.
  • The other channels apart from the ones mentioned above have a response rate of just 1%.

The main reason for the advertisers making use of the SEO tactic is that they get results quite fast with a good profit to the business. It is also clear that SEO has a number of long term benefits also for users. Experts such as Ruchi Gupta make use of the SEO tricks in content creation to get great results.

Some Other Statistics

The Wordstream’s report showed a number of other visible results too and here are some of them mentioned.

  • As many as about 44% of the advertisers made use of Google search ads in the year 2019 also and the same result was there for the year 2018.
  • The amount has increased a bit this year by 2% also.
  • There are a number of advertisers who even do not make use of a display advertisement.
  • Almost one-third of advertisers make use of social media campaigns.
  • Almost half of the advertisers also make use of the in-house techniques.
  • Time limitations are the most common challenge as of now.
  • The main goal of the advertisers by now is just to generate profits.

Hence, the demand for SEO was there in the past years, is there this year and is also expected to be there by the next coming few years also.


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