Best Surprise Box Website In 2019: Win Phones, Laptops Or Gadgets On DrakeMall


With the onset and popularity of the online shopping sites, today there are also many such sites available that can help you in getting your favorite items at a much cheaper costs. But there can be some of the consequences to these sites such as some of them can offer duplicate items while some of them may have hidden conditions to be applied.

But if you wish to be free from such tackles and wish to really have some great stuff at a good price, one of the best sites that you can come across is that of Drakemall. The site is different from many other such sites in a number of ways and a few of the differences are discussed here.

Genuine Products

When you are getting products from this particular site, you can be sure that you can get absolutely genuine products. How is it so? This is because the site offers you products from some of the best known online shopping sites such as Amazon and eBay. When such names are there behind the process, you can be sure that you will get the items from the genuine brands only.


You Can See The Items

Though it is a sort of gambling process, but there is a slight difference here. When you are unboxing the surprise box, you are able to see the items in it in advance. Hence, you can choose the right box depending upon the items available in the box. There are various surprise case among which you can choose the right case such as playstation box, luxury box, and many others.

When you have selected the right box, the probability of getting the item targeted increases much more.

Amazing Prizes To Win

When you have selected a proper surprise box site such as this one, you can be sure to get some of the best items available as your gift. Drake Mall has a reputation of offering some of the most expensive items for their customers. There are so many things that can be gained such as a laptops, iPhone and other phones, Apple Watch 4, and many others that you may not be able to get at a good price outside.

So, this means if you are craving to get an item that is not coming within your budget, you can always have this option to get gift cards at this site to unlock the boxes and get the items in side them. You can also buy these cards online with the help of PayPal or your credit card. Of course, it is not possible to get the exact item that you have targeted but trying different tricks such as getting the right box and so on can help you in getting that too.

Can You Have Other Options?

It may happen that you have targeted for a particular item in the mystery box but you have not received it and have won some other gift. The best part of the mall is that maximum of the gifts are quite expensive and hence you can sell them to get the item that you wish to have. For example, if you used your card to get MacBook from surprise box but you have got a Samsung S9 smartphone. In this case, you can sell off the television online and with that amount you can buy macbook the item that wanted to have.

Also, there are some other options such as exchanging if the price of the item that you have received and the price of the item that you wanted to have are similar. You need to have a detailed study about the various conditions applied in order to avail such a situation.

How Cheap It Is?

The site talks about the items to be available at a much cheaper cost than any other sites available online. What does this actually mean? This means when you win a particular gift, there are a number of times when you may even not have to pay up the delivery charges. You just have to pay for the unlocking of the loot box and a negligible shipping cost and the item inside will be delivered to you at a much cheaper cost. It may seem at times that you are getting some of the most expensive items for free due to some a small cost.

Drakemall has become a popular option in USA similar to the Black Friday deals. The best thing about the site is that even a geek person can learn about the methods and can operate it to get the best deals on the items that are needed. You can go through various Drakemall unboxing photos and videos before starting up with the site. Just sign up to the site, add up money with the gift card, and start unboxing to get amazing items at cheap prices.


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