Top 5 Fitness Apps for Android Phones

Top 5 Fitness Apps for Android Phones

Healthy mind resides in  healthy body and achieving good health is all that we strive for. Each year we take a resolution of living a healthy life. For this we begin with several fitness programmes but due to lack of some external force we end up delaying or quitting our plan. However, this time we are not letting you have to face such distractions. We are here with some popular android apps that will help your carry out this plan with great zeal and enthusiasm. Here are the top 5 fitness apps for android phones.

  1. Google Fit

With an update that was made to the app last year, Google Fit is back in use. The limelight that the app is currently enjoys is credited to the new design as well as the all-new features. There are two goals that are in focus of this app. these are Move Minutes and Heart Points. This it achieves by making the process like a game where a person craves to see both the rings close at the day end which in itself in rewarding as well as encouraging. This motivates you to step ahead towards better workout.

There are a plethora of workouts that this app can easily track. This also includes flossing. The app enjoys an excellent integration with Wear OS in addition to personalized coaching tips besides the starting January 1, 30-day challenges to motivate you to do it as hard as possible. Without doubt the icing on the cake remains the fact that it is completely available for use that too free of cost. You can download the same today from your playstore without having to spend even a single penny.

  1. MyFitnessP

You can only maintain a healthy living style if you can possibly track everything that you eat. To provide you a help at keeping the record of what you eat here we are with the MyFitnessPal app that is perfect at doing this. By illustrating the log of your diverse meals the entire day, all the macros included in addition to the barcode scanner that itself adds all the information related to the nutritional value from food into the app. Another advantage of using the app is that it can easily be used in combination with the other apps.

To put it in simple words, this app can easily connect with a variety of other fitness apps. You can use the essential features free of cost by simply downloading the app. However, if you desire to use more features that you can go in for paying a decent amount and subscribing for the same. you can download the app today from the playstore.

  1. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club has a well-defined space for almost all the sorts of workouts. You can customize the app via the collections that are designed around the goals that you want to reach like building up your abs or for instance stepping up the running game. Simply dive into the workouts that are specifically recommended for you on the basis of your performance in the past ones. You can also opt for ones that are already mentioned in the app. With Nike Training Club there is no more making excuses to distract from your health routine. All the services that the app provides is available for use that too free of cost. All that you need to do is download the app today and get going.

  1. Lifesum

One app for tracking calories in addition to pursuing meal plans apart from logging your weight as well as finding healthy recipes is Lifesum. This is basically an all in one app that is popular among fitness freaks these days. Lifesum comes with the diet plans for keto, vegan, 5:2 as well as the other lifestyles. In addition to this, it has an easy-to-use calorie counter apart from barcode scanner. It simply adds the food to the app without you requiring to type each and every detail.

Other than this there are numerous other features too. It is of great help to those who are on a diet. And for those who prior to having anything wish for knowing the sources as well as the nutrition value of the same. This app lets you keep an eagle eye on your food as well as water intake apart from exercise activity. The app is available for download free of cost on your playstore.

  1. Fitbit Coach

If you have bought a Fitbit this New Year then this is the time that you ought to go in for using the Fitbit Coach. There are a plenty of workout videos for you in this app. these are related to the guided run, to tone the abs and for going with an instant 7-minute workout. There is nothing that you crave and this app is not able to offer to you. The app in itself has everything that you desire. The plus point is the way that this app blends well with the entire Fitbit ecosystem. Workouts from the Fitbit Coach are carefully synced to the Fitbit app.

In case you have the smartwatch like the Fitbit Ionic or say Fitbit Versa, then you have an opportunity to follow the Fitbit Coach workouts directly on your wrist. However, you may not be that happy to know that you need to pay in order to get such services. But the relieving feature is that the amount you are supposed to pay in order to get such services is very nominal.

All in all, these are the top 5 fitness apps for android phones. You can download any of these and enjoy tracking your health routine. All these apps are easy to use and install. There is no difficulty that you will face while downloading or using these apps. In case we have not covered your favorite app and you consider it an injustice to the worth of the app then you can mention the app in the comment section below.


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