Top 5 Android Apps for Better Habit Building in 2019

Top 5 Android Apps for Better Habit Building in 2019

All of us have some New Year resolution. Most of these comprise of the habits that we either wish to get rid of or the ones that we want to inculcate into our daily routine. Every time we think of regulating our habits we fail to completely achieve our goal. In such a case there is always a need of some external guidance and motivation. External motivation  can help us to achieve this. Here this motivation comes in the form of apps that are designed specially to guide us in building or getting rid of a habit.

  1. Grow

Grow is one of the simple as well as a beautiful app that comes to use in everyday life. By sparing just few seconds you can add a habit and once you have done this, you can keep adding new habits. There is an option for you to set start as well as the end dates for the goals that you have set for yourself. As and when in the entire day you tend to take steps to complete the goal you can see a tree in front of you that gradually grows with each day when you contribute something concrete to the same.

We are not claiming that this app has diverse features but yes it surely has few features that are very useful. The attraction remains that the feature of the app is very simple to understand and easy to use. The ease with which the feature can be used also makes using the app an enjoyable task. This app is must have on your handset and can easily be downloaded free of cost from the palystore.

  1. Fabulous

Fabulous is one must have android app that you must download right now. Unlike the former one, this app is a rich container of multiple features all of which are useful for you. There are multiple habit trackers in the app. if t is losing weight, sleeping better, feeling more energized, or anything else then Fabulous has a stunning life coaching plan specifically designed for you. All you need to do is follow the plan. Not only does this stunning app teach you to take power naps but at the same time it also comes with the built-in workout routines that you can easily follow. Apart from this there are these mediation sessions that are very helpful in calming you down and thereby helping you to focus on what really matters.

It is one of the best app that you can download this year and make your health resolutions come true. This app is ready for use only if you make an effort to download the same from the playstore that too free of cost. In case you are liking the app and willing to use each and every feature of the same then you ought to pay a little amount on annual basis.

  1. Habitic

All of us want to track our habits but doing it bear handed is never possible. Therefore, there is this app called Habitica that has come to your rescue. Using this app you can literally track your habits. This is one of the most engaging app that is available on playstore today. Habitica makes the process of habit tracking a game by simply converting it into an RPG. You can simply create habits in addition to the to-dos that you wish to stick to. As and when you complete these you get to earn the experience points, mana, and a lot more that eventually levels up your character.

The moment you complete the task you get to earn some points. As soon as you earn these points you can redeem these for getting the rewards. These include the things like health potion, cosmetics that are designed for your character, or things like access to your favorite TV show. The best part about the feature rich app is that it is available for downloading free of cost. However, if you desire to have some more gems then obviously you need to pay a decent amount. These gems can be used to have the cosmetics, app backgrounds, and a lot more. There are also some subscriptions that you can make so as to get items that come with subscription on monthly basis.

  1. Daily

This one is a kind of a conventional habit-tracking app. Not only is it user friendly but you can also navigate easily. The plus point remains that it lays extra emphasis on your habits and gives these more priority over the others. The Today page illustrates all the habits that you are currently tracking. In addition to this it also shows the built-in calendar. This lets you see the habits. In other words the tasks that you are supposed to complete within a decided period of time. All Habits page lets you track all the progress that pertains to your habits at a given time. Also, while you create the habit you can easily customize the same with the help of a schedule and the reminders. The card colors as well as a badge allows you to have a visual indicator that is unique.

Like all the aforementioned apps this one is also available for use free of cost. However, there is always more in store if you are ready to pay a decent amount. With a little payment you will be able to add infinite habits and a lot more. So, go in for downloading the app today.

  1. Google Calendar

Many of you might not be aware but Google Calendar that comes installed in many of the handsets when you buy them can also be used for tracking the habits. You simply need to tap on the + icon in the app and then on the Goal bubble. This way you can add a goal or a habit that you want to follow. You can set goals for exercising or learning a new language. In addition to this, be it spending time with your friend or taking up a new hobby and cleaning the house etcetera you can set goals for everything.

Once you get a goal that you are comfortable sticking with then next you need to choose how frequently you want to do it and for how much time. In addition to this you can also set the time of the day that you want to spare doing this. All these features are there in the Google Calendar app. there is no need to mention that the app is available to use free of cost.

All in all, these are the top 5 android apps for better habit building in 2019. You can download any of these right away that too free of cost and improve your habits today. In case we have not covered your favorite health android app but you consider it more deserving than the others in the list then you can surely drop us a comment below.


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