Steps to Set Up Fitbit Charge 3 for Android

Steps to Set Up Fitbit Charge 3 for Android

Fitbit has been there in the market for quite a long time by now. Since 2013, it has been providing diverse range of fitness tracking gadgets tracing back. Today the Charge 3 is one of the best gadgets by the brand. There are almost all of the health as well as the fitness feature that you possibly ask for. Another aspect is that it comes handy with the notification support as well as mobile payments through Fitbit Pay. One amazing feature that you cannot ignore is the battery life that is literally astonishing. Apart from this, there are a lot of other things also that it has in store to offer you. This is a perfect blend of fitness as well as the smart features in a single mesmerizing package. If you have just purchased a new Fitbit Charge 3 then you might looking for guidance to help you set it up.  We are here with an article to help you do the same. Here are the steps to set up Fitbit Charge 3 for Android in just few seconds. All you need to do is thoroughly read the article and follow the steps as given.

How to download Fitbit app?

First and the foremost step that you need to do is downloading the Fitbit app on the android phone that you have. In case you already have the app on your phone then you are all good to download the app you need to first visit Google Play Store app on the phone and then search for Fitbit. Next you need to tap on Install icon and then wait for the device to download.

Steps to set up Fitbit Charge 3

Now open the Fitbit app that you have just downloaded on your phone and then tap Join Fitbit or simply Log in. you ought to provide your email as well as the password so as to log in. Now enter your information so as to create a totally fresh account. After this tap the checkbox that is next to the Location Permissions. Here you need to tap Allow on the pop-up that you see. Tap on the Account button that is there at the top right appearing like the ID card. Proceed to tapping on Set up a Device and then on Charge 3 from the menu.

Set Up Your Fitbit Charge 3

It is time to tap on Set Up Your Fitbit Charge 3. After scrolling down you need to tap I Agree. Now you need to plug your Charge 3 right into the charger followed by tapping on Next as per instructions you get in front of you. you need to now type in the numbers that are shown on the Charge 3’s screen and tap on Install Update Now. Next you simply require to wait till the update downloads and then install the same. After you have finished then click on Continue. Do follow the on-screen tips after which you need to  tap Next on each page so as to continue. After this tap Done. Last you need to click on Okay so as to accept the connectivity features.

All in all, these are the steps to set up Fitbit Charge 3 for Android. Having followed all these steps you have successfully set up the Fitbit Charge 3. You are now ready to use the same. It is amazing to find a device that is feature rich like this one. In case there is some step that you have not understood or are facing problem dealing with then you can raise a query in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to solve all your queries.


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