Steps to Find HDMI-ARC Port on Your TV

Steps to Find HDMI-ARC Port on Your TV

Most of the contemporary world television come with ARC. ARC  is the abbreviation for Audio Return Channel. Unlike in the past today these are already built in into most of the current-generation television sets. It makes use of a single HDMI connection in order to send the audio from a TV to the receiver or say the soundbar. This is the protocol that should be given the entire credit for making a single HDMI connection that makes the provision of the two-way communication between two devices that are put it into more simple words, the HDMI ARC port facilitates you the usage of HDMI not only as the input but also as an audio output. However, you need to find out if the television set that you have really supports it or not. To figure out whether the television set at your home supports the HDMI ARC or not is a relatively easy as well as a simple process. In this article we are going to let you know the steps to find HDMI-ARC Port on your TV. These are as follows:

How to locate HDMI-ARC Port On Your TV?

In case your television has the vent for HDMI-ARC compatibility then you will be able to find one or say more ports on the back somewhere or on the side of your television set. With the help of a flashlight you need to look for the words that are print on the body of the television illustrating HDMI and ARC close to either one or more of these ports. The one near which you find this imprint is the port that is actually compatible with HDMI ARC. As an alternative you always have an option to go through the instruction manual of your television set. In the instruction manual of your television set you will be able to check if your television supports HDMI-ARC or not.

Special note

Almost all of the latest televisions, specifically the ones that are categorized as smart televisions feature HDMI-ARC compatibility. The first time that is was launched in the television was nearly a decade ago in 2009. Today it has literally become the common standard for nearly all  of the TVs, as well as soundbars and receivers. The device that can support the HDMI 1.4 standard ought to support the ARC as well. One thing that you need to note here is that to make use of HDMI-ARC there is no need for you to have a new HDMI cable.

Best buy for HDMI-ARC

In case you have the television that has HDMI ARC compatibility then you could not have asked for more. If unfortunately your television set does not have this, then you obviously need to look for a new one. However, we are ready to help you in that too. One of the most stunning television set that offers HDMI-ARC is LG OLED55C8PUA. The device is also easily available in the market as a 65-inch model. It is heading towards being the best product that one can have. It offers HDR 10+ having four HDMI ports in addition to three USB ports. Also, the design of the product is very sleek. In addition to this, it has a modern design making it one of the most attractive television sets.

All in all, these are the Steps To Find HDMI-ARC Port On Your TV. This is quite  a simple thing to do. All that you are required to do is carefully look for the words. In case there is something more that you desire to know, we are just a message away. You can always leave us a comment in the below section and we will surely revert to all your questions and queries.


  1. Informative post. But ignorant as I am, what do I do with this port and connection? Please write a post on possible utility.


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