What are the Different Tips for Link Building Campaign for 2018

What are the Different Tips for Link Building Campaign for 2018

Link building has become one of the most crucial needs of SEO today. It has been noticed that a content that has a good number of links are considered to be much better SEO friendly as per Google measures, in comparison to those contents that do not have many links.

But do you really think that getting the backlinks are quite easy today?

Nah! It is not because almost every second person is looking for it and hence it is now a difficult task to get the links. This is the reason link building campaigns because link building is a priority today.

Though there are so many marketers who are always on their heels for the links, but here are some of the important tips that can help you in getting some positive results.

The Importance of Link Building

Before you start reading the tips, it is equally required to know the importance of link building.

It was found in the year 2016 that link building is very important for rankings.

This is because as per the research it was found that Google measures the presence of links as a factor of authority, relevancy, and demand. Hence, the more links are involved in a content, the higher the ranking will be on the search engine.

Well, now when you have known how and why link building is important for the contents to ranks high, here are some of the tips that you can use for the link building campaign for the year 2018.

Guest Blogging

Writing regularly for your site and sharing it everywhere is a great thing. But this limits the traffic that you are getting on your site. A much efficient way is also to write blogs on other guest sites.

You can write blogs on sites that already have huge traffic and you should not forget to add a link of your site in the guest blog. This helps in diverting the attention of some of the traffic to your site too.

But just writing any blog will do?

No, the guest sites have strict instructions about the writing of the blogs and also the submission of the written blogs. So, if you are not a great writer, it is a much better idea to hire someone to do the needful.

When you guest blog, you get traffic and the guest site expect fresh and high-quality content. If you can search the best guest blogging services Chandigarh, the experts not only will offer you with great guest blogs but will also help in the whole journey of guest blogging and getting traffic on your site.

Influencers in The Post

A great way to include some other page in your content is by using statements that bring influencers in your topic. This means write sentences quoting what others have to say about a particular thing.

Such informative researches and data look interesting to the eyes and also it allows you the option to add a link to the content too.

When you are using a link of some page, you make the site feel that how much famous they are. This is basically always a deal everywhere. Here, you get information from them and in return, you use their links in your content for viewers to see.

Overall, this affects in a positive way and gets you traffic in a huge way.

Though influencers are also there at profit, but you need to make sure that in order to use links for the influencers, you need to create a great content. If you are using the link of a known site, they may claim you to remove their link if they do not like your content quality.

The Broken Links

Improving the broken link is another great idea that has been there in the market for quite long. You just need to know the tricks and you can prosper well with it.

You just need to go through the contents of different sites and you can check and understand when a link is broken in the content. This can be the opportunity for you to prosper the broken link and make your own way toward guest blogging on that particular site.

Of course, you should not sound like someone who is directly quoting for guest blogging options. In place of that, you should show off your generous side and offer to help with the broken link that they have.

You can ask the site owner about the broken link in the content and at the same time should offer them a solution saying that you can correct their broken link and you have contents available on the same segment.

Nobody likes to have content on his or her site with a link that is not working anymore. This not only upsets the readers but also may affect the ranking of the content. Hence, site owners who are already highly ranked will always want to get the broken link fixed soon.

This can be the exact opportunity for you and you should be very much humble in offering the help. The site owner will get a help in fixing the broken link and you will get the option of getting traffic from their site to your site soon.

The Use of Infographics

It is already known by the best content creators that including infographics in the content can actually offer a great help in making the content high quality. Today, viewers are so much busy and they have so much lack of patience that they do not read a full blog even.

In place of that, if the blog is supported by images, graphs, and other infographic data, the chances of getting attention on the blog increases to a good level.

The same thing happens when you add infographic data in your content for link building.

If you have some great images and graphs and so on, there are high chances that many other bloggers will wish to clip the images of the statistics for their own blogs. Here again, you can get many links on your content.

So, you should not only create great content but also your infographics should be a good one in order to attract viewers on it so that you can get links in return.


Wishing to have some good organic traffic on your site? The best way is to make use of the link building method.

Of course, with the rising demand for the link building services, it has become much difficult to gain them, but with some tricks, you can make this happen.

The above-mentioned tips and tricks are highly effective even in the year 2018 so that you can get good links on your site and gain good traffic on your site.


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