Top 7 Tips and Strategies for Best Guest Blogging

Top 7 Tips and Strategies for Best Guest Blogging

We rightly claim to be the providers of one of the Best Guest Blogging Services in almost all the niche. This is owing to the fact that we keep in mind several tricks and tips that re a must get maximum out of the guest blog that consumes a lot of our efforts as well as time. Be it the guest posting service in Chandigarh or else where there are a few strategies that you ought to keep. Here are the top 7 tips and strategies for best guest blogging.

Strategy 1: Contribute to sites that are worth the effort and time

You need to be very careful as to the blog to which you are making contributions. At time a plenty of blogs that you can contribute to are not actually worth the time and effort of yours. This is so because these blogs lack the required proportion of engaged audience. You must only contribute to the blogs that possess an engaged audience.

  • Comments are the indicators

To know this, you ought to take comments on the blog to be a great indicator but at the same time pay attention towards the quality of the comment also as most of them can be spam. Another thing you need to notice is the reply to comments. If there are replies on the comments then this indicates that the blog owner actually cares about engaging with the audience.

  • Sharing of content

See if they share their content actively or not. If they do not do it for their then they will not do it for yours too. Check if the ideal audience aligns with this blog.

  • Evaluate author bio

Also, assess if they give writers credit or not and a link to their blog/landing page in the author bio or not. Last but not least you ought to see if they have potential to drive the traffic or not.

Strategy 2: Employ guest posts to enhance your email list

You must always link your author bio to a landing page where the readers can download the lead magnet. In case where you have more than one lead magnets then you can use the one that is the most relevant. To get going with the same you need to have a  lead magnet in addition to a landing page and an email provider. The main link can connect to the landing page, where the readers are able to download all the checklists as well as guides that are offered free of cost to the subscribers or otherwise. The best lead magnet is the one that is able to solve particular problems. You need to make it convenient for the subscribers to be able to access download by simply adding a link to the confirmation page as well as your welcome email.

Strategy 3: It is important to connect before pitching

Blog editors fetch multifarious pitches from the audiences that they are unaware about. This implies that your pitch can surely be the best across the globe, still there is no guarantee that you will fetch the guest posting opportunity. Though a great pitch is of great help but you need to go a step ahead to fetch the opportunity. It is more likely for people to respond in an optimistic way to the folks they are able to recognize. To achieve this, there are simple things that you ought to do like sharing content in addition to tagging the blogger, commenting on blog posts plus replying to social media statuses and to the email newsletters. You need to get more creative to connect with A-listers and get to their inbox. You need not ask them for something or pitch them but simply just engage them in conversation. This will help you know the blogger batter and get a deeper understanding of the types of topics published by them and the way they write it.

Strategy 4: Replying each and every comment

Most of us are already doing it and it has become a part and parcel of our life and it is significant too. You need to appreciate someone who is taking out time to comment on your post and thank them in addition to engaging them in a conversation and making the discussion go on. Blog comments are actually a great way to fetch knowledge from your readers and gain feedback so as to get to know them in a better way.

Strategy 5: Promoting the guest post is important

It is not just the blogger who is responsible for driving all the traffic to your post. You ought to play a part in promotions too like you do for any other post on your blog. Even if you have a great guest blogging opportunity you fail to exploit it entirely by not promoting your post at all. You need to understand that the entire idea of guest blogging was to explore and to reach a larger audience. Thus, if you are contributing a post to a more popular blog then even your normal promotional efforts will have a profound impact. So make use of all the promotional strategy that you can. Also use your personal network, the influence marketing and the niche bookmarking sites. Also, employ the email outreach, the social media plus all the daily stuff

Strategy 6: Be clear about your author bio

Your guest post must display your author bio in the bottom. You need to make sure that it is sending the right message. Be clear about the services you provide so that you can fetch new clients. You need to be clear about WHO you can help and HOW you can help them.

Strategy 7: Go in for more guest blogging

It is true that you can plan your guest post in a way that it generate huge traffic for you. But at times your well planned guest blog can also fall flat. This might happen owing to several reasons. It might be the topic at times that fails to resonate. The only way out here is to indulge in more guest blogging opportunities.

All in all, these are the top 7 tips and strategies for best guest blogging. In case you have any other in mind then you can leave a comment.


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