7 Most Effective Tips for New Freelance Writers

7 Most Effective Tips for New Freelance Writers

If you are new to the world of freelance writing then there is a lot that you need to learn. You must be enjoying the perks of freelance writing like freedom to set your schedule, choosing your clients and raising your rates when you like. Online research is good but that is not enough. There is a lot more that you being a new entrant in the world of freelance writing need to know. Lack of proper knowledge will prevent you from achieving much in this field. Therefore, you need to get inclined towards learning more and more about this. To help you at your initial levels, here we are with a list of 7 most effective tips for new freelance writers. You ought to follow these in order to achieve success in this world that you have chosen.

You need to Pitch Every Day

Based on the facts that you have your articles published on few steps, blogs, newspapers in no way indicates that reader will suddenly start dropping in and you will have a great audience. The truth is that not many would have read the article and many more might not even be aware that you exist. Thus, if you want to succeed as a freelance writer then it is time that you need to start pitching. It is you who needs to go to the client. This is only possible if you set goals for yourself and start working on the same. You can simply begin with pitching 5-10 times a day for a specific period, say a month. Do not restrict yourself to pitching to job boards only; you need to send out some cold pitches as well. By this we mean the pitches that you send to companies which are not looking for writers actively.

You need to have a Blog

You must have a blog as prior to hiring you or having faith in your writing skills one will surely like to go through he blog that you have. In this case, it becomes important that you treat your blog like your client and update it on regularly basis not as a freelancing but as a professional approach. You ought to set deadlines for yourself and then create a content schedule for yourself. This will serve a lot of purpose. It is going to act as a portfolio for you as you can simply create samples by writing few blog posts. This way sending a pitch becomes easy as you have samples to link to now. Also, this will help you to ameliorate your writing. This is sustained by the fact that practice makes perfect. This way you are sure to get inquiries and chances of getting hired will also increase.

You need to focus on Goals not Failures

Writing is actually a creative outlet in addition to being personal. In case some does not find your work interesting then there is always a scope of improvement. Freelance writing is no longer a leisure activity but a business today which implies that you must not take failures personally. You should not get demotivated by the rejections but always strive to work hard and improve your writing skills.

You need to invest in a Course

Just like learning anything requires you to join a class, similarly learning to be an efficient writer calls for joining a course. It is this course that teaches you to write well, save time, the appropriate way to pitch or to submit your work, place to find freelance writing job etcetera. As it might appear to be on the outset you do not waste time this way. To be an accomplished writer, you first need to make an investment in a course.

You need to make network with Other Freelance Writers

You need to reach out to other freelance writers as well. take information from them regarding the rates or clients and other relevant things. To find such opportunities, social media is a great option. You can also do so by visiting other freelance writing websites. Get someone with whom you can talk as much about blogging and freelance writing as possible.

You need to Develop a Marketing Plan

You must always have a concrete marketing plan, it is actually this that will help you to stay in business. This is because once you get your first client you need to strive harder for the next one. It is only this way that you will be able to make it a sustainable business. There is a need for you to market yourself as much as possible. One of the most effective ways to do this is guest posting. Doing so gives you the author bio which helps getting you noticed

You need to hustle more

You need to work quite hard even if you experience failed attempts. There is a need for you to hustle so as to get the concrete results. You need to hustle until you do not get the clients, once you have got the clients there will be less hustling. There is no need to do it all by yourself, you can get help from others.

All in all, these are the 7 most effective tips for new freelance writers that you can use. I case you think there is something that we did not cover in the article then you can surely drop us a comment. We will surely consider your viewpoint.



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