How to Take Care of Search Optimization and Creativity Together in Your Content?

How to Take Care of Search Optimization and Creativity Together in Your Content

Today, when the competition is too hard, you need to satisfy both the search engine parameters and also the audience. But how do both differ?

You need to take care of the optimization levels when you wish to rank high in the search engines. On the other hand, if you wish your audience to get entertained and wish to retain your audience, you need to create some really creative contents.

But it becomes difficult often to maintain both the things at the same time.

But, of course, there are some tips that can help you in gaining the attention of both your audience as well as the search engine at the same time.

Know What Is In Demand

The thought process of every human being differentiates from one another. This is the reason it may happen that what you think to be trendy may not be the thinking of your audience. Hence, when you write on a topic as per your thoughts, it may lead to failure because you may not get much attention from your audience.

The best way, in this case, is to ask the audience on Google. You can make use of various sites such as Quora and Reddit to check the topics, on which people are talking the most.
Now, when you have found the topics that are trending, you also may need to know about what people wish to know or talk about that particular topic. For this, you can again make use of Google to check out the various titles and subtitles that other blogs are having on this particular topic. What you can do is to search the blogs using the topic keywords and then you can easily get the titles and information on which you can create your own blogs.

Learn from The Competitors

The best way is to learn from your own mistakes. But it becomes much smoother when you learn from your mistakes and also your competitors.

You may find so many blogs on the topic that have become so much popular while on the other hand, you may get some other blogs that may have failed drastically.

You should check out both of these blog types to know about the blogs that have become successful and what are the blogs that have failed. So, what are the things that you need to check out?

  • The titles of the contents,
  • The keywords used and their placements,
  • The information used in the content,
  • The SEO formats such as subtitles, the template, and others,
  • The language, backlinks, blog length, and many more.

Check the SEO Factors

Now when you have carefully selected the way to write the blog creatively so that your audience can stay interested in your blog, it is the time to check out the SEO quality of the content.

A much easier way is to take help from the Google SEO tools for this. You can add a plugin of such a tool to your WordPress or other sites to check whether your content is SEO friendly or not. You need to check some of the important points such as the overall score, readability, word count, keywords, title, plagiarism, and grammar and your content will be absolutely ready to be launched.

Initially, you may have thought that balancing both creativity and the SEO quality of the content may be a difficult thing. But when you follow these tricks, you can be sure to provide creativity to your audience and SEO perfect contents on the Google at the same time.


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