Why isn’t My Fabulous Content Getting Quality Links

Why Isn’t My Fabulous Content Getting Quality Links

Search engine giants Google made it clear that backlinks goes a long way in ranking website articles when certain keywords are searched for. Although Google would not reveal all the concepts behind search engine rankings but the fact remains that when your contents get valuable links, you can find your way to the top of search results. This proven theory has given many webmasters the go-ahead to adopt some not-so-cool methods to ensure that their contents get the quality links belonging only to quality contents.

On the other hand, it could be very frustrating when after so much hard work, your contents don’t get the attention they rightly deserved. You might have invested valuable time and money to come up with top quality contents and given that almost everyone is doing the same, you might still don’t get the needed results. Here in this article, we shall be looking at the best things to do in order to cause an overturn.


The need for great, well-researched contents that are targeted to your clients can never underestimated. People responds to mails that they feel will add value to them or their businesses. To ensure good conversion rate, your articles have to include just the right ingredients that will make the whole stuff worthy of their time. The contents you intend to pitch to your clients or webmasters should be original. Make sure that similar articles are not available elsewhere on the internet as they may feel your write-up is just a repetition of some other contents. if you have products or services that you feel will do people a ton of good, you also need it to be presented in well written contents to say the least.

Outsource Rightly.

It is always right to rely on techniques that‘ll guarantee as much valuable site collaboration as possible. Thing is, in presenting your quality contents to a large number of webmasters, you have to understand that not everyone matters. If a site looks good, it is not a guarantee that your contents and ideas are also welcome. It is therefore imperative to evaluate websites and webmasters properly before opting to collaborate. Get your tools right and engage only in modern practices else, you might find yourself wasting valuable time and money.

Proper Mailing Practices

Premium attention has to be paid to your mails if you are really interested in a rewarding Link building outreach. Experience has taught us that people get tons of emails they never solicited for, implying that a good number of such mails will get deleted. If you do want your mails opened and given the right response by whoever you are sending them to, you have to make sure of good practices which includes including the right subjects without odd fonts or emoticons. The subject has to be in a subtle and engaging tone so as catch attention.

Follow Up, Learn New Methods

Don’t just fold your arms and expect things to workout. There is need to follow up on webmasters and also learn new stuffs. Keep in mind if you do get a good reply, you win and if you get a bad response or nothing at all, you learn, no failing in this.


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