4 Best Tips for Link Building Campaign in 2018

4 Best Tips for Link Building Campaign in 2018

If you talk about ranking organically then one thing that plays the most crucial role is link building. So as to enjoy and have advanced search engine rankings it is important for you to have more and more of backlinks. In the absence of links, the SEO guide that you have will not be able to rank in the top 10 when it comes to Google. In today’s world of online competition, one factor that is most crucial to success is links when it comes to SEO. The content that is considered to be top-ranking on any search engine results page is replete with the millions of links. Not only do the links give context but at the same time it also gives power to the pages that are considered to be authoritative by Google. For Google the page that has 100,000 links is comparatively more authoritative instead of one that has just 1,000 links. In this article we will discuss all the reasons that support the need for building links. In addition to this we will also be discussing about the 4 Best Tips for Link Building Campaign In 2018.

Tips to get links despite the personal inbox messages asking you for one

However, it is not that easy to build links and you struggle and campaigns for the same every day. It has become a really cumbersome task to campaign for links any further. Many of you have even stopped doing any such campaign owing to the fact that it seems to you quite annoying as well as disrespectful. However, you need these links desperately and ore urgently so as to increase the organic traffic. This implies that you need to make link building a priority. There is a plethora of ways in which you can campaign for the backlinks, the ones that are guaranteed to fetch results for you.

Importance of link building

Link building is considered to be of the utmost importance when you talk about SEO efforts. However, there are very few who actually know the importance of link building. It is true that building links is very critical when it comes to ranking position. The content that is found to be in the list of top-ranked often have more links in comparison to the lower-ranking content that is there in any given search engine results page. However, you need to know that having 100,000 backlinks is not all that is going to affect your rankings but there is a lot to it. There is no point spamming your links on the forum or say the directory or even the comments section of the blog as it will not fetch you the good links. Another thing that matters here is the number of referring domains. This implies that you need to have the backlinks from the different source of sites as it is critical for the higher ranks. There is no point having the backlinks from just a single website because this way you will not get the higher rankings and in no case is going to make you a great topic authority. It is important to have the same from the sites that have the higher domain link authority are known to help you rank higher on Google.

So what exactly does that mean for link building?

Not only do you need to focus on getting the high-quality links from the high-quality sites but also the higher domain authority from the powerful site which will make linking a better thing for you. Links is one of the factors that is used by the Google so as to measure not only the relevancy and the authority but at the same time the popularity of content.

4 Best Tips for Link Building Campaign In 2018

Having known the importance of links, it becomes important for you to know the 4 Best Tips For Link Building Campaign In 2018.

1. Guest blogging

The first in the list is guest blogging. It is one of the avenues that help you to fetch new traffic to the site that you are running. Not only is it relevant but at the same time it is industry-specific. It provides you the opportunity to brand yourself in the form of an industry expert as well as a thought leader. It is great if you blog on your own site but if you go in for posting on the guest sites that are already visited by the millions of fans then it is an easy way so as to draw traffic to which you in no other way have an access to. Guest blogging is actually a free promotion. The article that you have prepared for a publication fetches you the invaluable links in exchange of the work that you have delivered. This means that you ought to guest post on the sites that are not only high-quality but at the same time high-profile. You merely waste time by guest blogging on sites that have no authority. Guest blogging in true sense is actually a given as well as a take endeavour. In exchange if time and effort consuming article you get links and traffic to your site.

1. Easy and quick

Guest blogging is not at all a difficult task, it is actually quite easy. To begin all you need is to prospect for the sites that let you go in for guest posting. On Google you simply need o go in for the custom search by simply going in for ((target site)) + guest post, ((target site)) + guest blog, ((target site)) + blogging guidelines. Next you need to simply analyse things that hit the first sight. By simply clicking on that post you need to check the guidelines and then begin submitting a guest post immediately. The best thing about this approach is that it is simple and quick.

2. Mention influencers in your post

You might have read articles that come highlighting a particular name or a brand. Such articles are written this way for a very particular reason. Not only does doing so make them interesting but at the same time helps the writer to get links like no one else. Mentioning a popular influencer in your post helps you to get more links. This is so because the one who is acting like an influencer here is sure to share it which will further result in more links. In case you do so, that is, mention someone then you let them know that they are not only popular but also an insightful influencer. This is really very powerful. This helps in link building as it is sure to contain the relevant as well as the most helpful content. This sort of an article ought to be one of a high-quality if you really intend to fetch links. You must not expect to ain links quickly this way. However, this way will help you to speed up this process. This way not only does you praise the influencer, but at the same time you are able to gain links for yourself.

3. Prospect for broken links

If you prospect for the broken link, then it is obviously an old technique but not to forget that it still works. This type of a method has been existent for several years by now and has proved to be really helpful. You can therefore, expect it to work well even in 2018. It is a simple method to follow. By simply browsing a popular industry blog or say the influencer blog, you can simply scan the page to find the possible broken links. On finding the same you can email to the particular blogger to inform that the post has a broken link. However, you need to be specific here. instead of trying to game the system or say use people, you ought to simply offer the link that you have as an easy solution to their problems.

4. Use infographics for link bait

Info graphic is one of the most preponderant pieces of content that is shared on the Internet. You are sure to encounter the entire sites that are specifically dedicated for simply and particularly publishing the info graphic content.

Info graphics have a special place in the hearts of the people because of the fact that the visual content is known to perform the best. Instead of showing inclination towards reading the word blog post for the informative content people like Info graphics and also share the same. Info graphic help them to scan the thing and simply get the information in fraction of seconds or couple of minutes. It is basically a Quick Sprout that gets the desired number of shares in addition to the fact that they get the links as well. It is true that human brain perceives the visual content more efficiently in comparison to the text that they read. You can quickly as well as most easily create the info graphics these days and there is no need for you to be the design expert. You must also consider creating the info graphics for the existing posts as well. Due to the fact that people share the Info graphics more you are sure to get more links.

All in all, these are the 4 Best Tips For Link Building Campaign In 2018. To get more traffic organically it is most important for you to pay extra attention towards building links. It is actually the backlinks that give you more power when it comes to scoring a good rank on Google. All of your content marketing efforts are at the end of the day dependent on links so as to gain traction. With the help of mentions as well as the backlinks you can drive a great amount of relevant traffic to your site. You must therefore understand the importance of the same and put efforts on link building which is critical.


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