Steps to Use Spotify for Alarm on Google Clock

Steps to Use Spotify for Alarm on Google Clock

Technology has become a part and parcel of life. From waking up in the morning to going off to sleep at night, we remain around technology. Though technology and gadgets play a prominent role in diverse aspects of life but the most important role that it plays for many people is waking them up in the morning. Each night we go off to sleep depending on technology. This is so because we go to sleep by setting alarm. Lucky are the school going children who still get to wake by listening to the sweet human voice in the face of their mother. Today, however, most of us wake up with the alarm voice. The question here is how do you feel when you wake up with the stock alarm tunes? How do you feel when you get to hear an alarm blaring at the maximum volume? We guess that this is not at all the desired and the wanted way of waking up. Here we are with an article making you aware about the solution to the same. There has been an update in late July and Google now lets you wake up to your favourite tune on Spotify with the help of its official Clock app. here are the Steps to use spotify for alarm on Google Clock.

Steps To Use Spotify For Alarm On Google Clock

It is always a better idea to give a head start to your day with the soothing alarm. The alarm that instead of horrifying you makes you feel pleasant. To make this happen there are just few steps that you need to follow. These steps will lead you to change alarm sound to a Spotify song/playlist in the Google Clock. Out of all the steps that you need to follow, the most preponderant one is installing Google Clock and Spotify on your phone. Also, you need to ensure that you have updated the app to the latest version that is available. After ensuring this, you need to open Google Clock and then go to the Alarm page. Here you need to tap on the alarm that you wish to edit. Next you need to tap on the alarm sound icon which is shown in the form of a bell. Now you need to Tap/swipe over to the Spotify tab. Here you get to make choice of the Spotify song so that you can wake up to the song that you like.

Wide range of music

If you view it from top to bottom then you will see that there is a list of the five playlists. These are the ones that you have most recently listed to as well as a collection of the morning-centric playlists. Here you will find a huge collection from everything. Be it waking up in the morning or putting an alarm for the gym, you get it all.

All in all, these are the Steps To Use Spotify For Alarm On Google Clock. With these few easy to follow steps there is no need for you to wake up thrilled in the morning any longer.


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