Steps To Play PlayStation 4 Games On Your Android Phone

Steps To Play PlayStation 4 Games On Your Android Phone

There are not much efforts that you need to put in so as to be able to play PlayStation 4 games on your Android phone. Here we will highlight Steps To Play PlayStation 4 Games On Your Android Phone. The new opportunities that have opened up in the world of gaming are owing to the release of the Steam Link beta app from Valve. This is the Link app that lets you play all of the Steam games that you can name on any of the Android device that comes with the Lollipop or above. This is not just the gaming experience but the awesome gaming experience.

Link app

There is nothing out of the world that the Link app offers but just a high end smooth running screen that mirror the service with the wireless input control. This implies that you can possibly cast anything from the PC that you have to the mobile device that includes the PlayStation 4. The PS4 lets you stream the games that you have to the PC. It is with the Link that it becomes easy to stream these onto your mobile device.

Steps to Download Steam Link

All that you need to do is go through the instructions, step-by-step so that you can set up your Stream Link app. Next you need to simply follow the instructions that are provided by the Sony so as to set up the remote play on your particular computer. After this, you need to simply begin the Remote Play app in order to see your PS4 screen on the computer that you have. All this is free of cost.

Steps to Start the Stream Link app

Now you need to tap on Start Playing. On doing so, the computer screen will load into the Steam’s Big Picture mode. Here you need to makes use of the Alt-Tab so as to select the Remote Play screen. Now you are all set to begin playing the game. You can now enjoy playing PS4 on your mobile phone.

Additional information that you must know

Due to the screen mirroring this works well on any of the system and not specifically just for the PlayStation 4. All that you need to do is simply Alt-tab over to the required screen. A little caveat with this specific mobile PS4 setup is the controller. This is so because the Remote Play app needs you to connect the PS4 Sixaxis directly to your PC which indicates that your range might be limited. Also, there is a wireless adapter available to purchase for your PS4 remote. It is believed that it works well with the Remote Play. You might also make use of two controllers. One of these you can plug into the computer so as to recognize it and another is connected to the PlayStation so as to use it wirelessly.

All in all, these are the Steps To Play PlayStation 4 Games On Your Android Phone. If you follow these properly then you will find no other issue is getting going.


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