Top 3 Best Keyboard Apps For Android

Top 3 Best Keyboard Apps For Android

Keyboard selection tends to be one of the vital choices you make when you get a new phone, to be more specific. It is these keyboards that are known to shape the speed as well as the accuracy while using the phone for communicating. All your important texts including the passwords are indirectly shared with your keyboard, this is why you need to have a keyboard that you can trust. Here we are with a list of top 3 best keyboards for android phones. These have all the features that you can possibly want on a keyboard that you choose for your android phone. These are as follows:

  1. Gboard


This one can rightly be called the king of the keyboards when it comes to the Android phones. The credit goes to the great predictions courtesy of the machine learning in addition to the easy access to the gifs as well as well the sticker packs. Along with this you get the dictionary tied to your Google account that follows you almost everywhere. On timely basis all the new features are added to the same. You will get the diverse themes on Gboard in addition to the Material Black option. Apart from this, you get an option to create your own gifs in Gboard.

2. SwiftKey


Swiftkey has dominated the market of the Android keyboards for quite a long time by now and was the leader unless the Gboard Came into sight. Here you build a personal dictionary offering y0u a high rate of productivity.  Earlier a paid keyboard is today available free of cost for the android phone users. Though you cannot claim that this is the best in the category of android keyboards that we have but for sure it is not the average either. There are all the features present in this app that you might long for.

3. Chrooma


For this particular keyboard it is not all about choosing a theme but there is a lot more to it. It makes use of colours on the contrary. It is basically the colors of the Chrooma keyboard that literally adapt to every app that you use. To be more specific, it is blue for Twitter, green for Spotify, yellow for Google Keep, and a lot more to name. The night mode that is available darkens the keyboards color selections wen it falls the night. You can easily switch the colours. There is no need for you to lose the color adaptation while you type in the other apps. You can simply swipe if you wish to delete something.

All in all, these are the Top 3 Best Keyboard Apps For Android that you have at present. Any f these can prove to be a good choice for availing the keyboard of your choice. With growth in the competition in the android market, you are sure to get the updates in these keyboards as well on the timely basis. By simply downloading these you can experience the same and choose which suits you the best.


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