Steps to Safely Clean Wax from Your Ear Buds

Steps to Safely Clean Wax from Your Ear Buds

One of the most annoying thing when you need to borrow someone else’s ear buds is a bit of earwax that hangs off the end. Earwax has its own role to play as per the bodily functions are concerned but otherwise it can prove harmful and annoying. This might become a cause of the muddy sound that you get to hear. So, here we are with the steps to safely clean wax from your ear buds.

Material that you need

Ear bud speakers are a really very delicate part of your device which requires a careful cleaning. For this, there is some material that you need. You need warm and soapy water, 2 new and soft toothbrushes in addition to 3% Hydrogen Peroxide.

Steps to safely clean wax from your ear buds

First you need to remove the gel or say the foam ear tips from your ear buds. Now you need to place these in the warm soapy water. Allow these to soak for about thirty minutes. After this, you have to brush the excess dirt or wax from the tips of the ear. Following this, rinse the ear tips with help of the clean water. Now allow them to dry in the air. you need to dip the other toothbrush in the hydrogen peroxide. Now shake the toothbrush so that you can get rid of the excessive peroxide. You must now hold the ear bud with the speaker that faces downwards. Do not allow any liquid to make its way into the speaker. Doing so not only damages them but push the dirt deeper into the speaker. For this, you also need to ensure that you brush in only one direction. A little amount of hydrogen peroxide or clean water can be used to gently wipe around the speakers so as to clean the remaining dirt or wax. Now allow it to dry for half a day if not more. Prior to beginning using it, you must play the music on the loud volume so that any unwanted particles gets shakes off.

Caution to prevent your ear buds from getting dirty easily

Prevention is better that cure as you might have heard it several times. Similarly, instead of finding out solutions for cleaning your ear buds, it is better to prevent them from getting dirty at the first place. For this, it is a must for you to clean your ears, regularly as well as properly. The ear tips are sure to pick up dirt in any case but your spiky tiny objects, the sound receptors are more delicate.

All in all, these are the steps to safely clean wax from your ear buds. Ideally you must indulge in such an activity on a regular basis. Otherwise, you always have this way out to get rid of this ear wax things from your ear buds. In case you have a better idea then you might leave a comment for all the others to know.


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