6 Best Android Widgets for Your Home Screen

6 Best Android Widgets for Your Home Screen

Whether to improve your productivity, to quickly access information of interest or to improve your interaction with your mobile phone, the truth is that widgets for Android facilitate our day to day and allow us to customize our Android phone. On this occasion, we present the 6 best Android widgets without which we could not live.

1. Evernote:

With the recent appearance of Google Keep, Evernote is perhaps one of the applications that will be most affected by the new Google service, but nevertheless, the Evernote application is still the star application for taking notes. Much more complete than most of its competitors, Evernote is the ideal complement for anyone who wants to save notes, images or keep pending tasks on their smartphones. In addition, one of the added values of Evernote is, without a doubt, having one of the most complete, intuitive and visually pleasing widgets for Android.

2. Falcon widget:

We have previously talked about Falcon Pro and the contribution to the terrestrial widgets for Android of this Twitter client also deserves to be named in the list of essentials on our home screen. Falcon Widget is a very interesting interface: in addition to being very pleasant from the aesthetic point of view, Falcon Widget is as customizable as complete, allowing us to access almost all the features of the application without even having it installed.

3. Slider widget:

Slider Widget is the perfect companion for anyone who has to have full control of the sound of their notifications. With a very visual but austere design among widgets for Android, this will allow you with a single touch to configure the sound level of your calls, alarms or any type of notification, in addition to giving you control over sound profiles or brightness from the screen. Slider Widget is customizable and allows you to select the colours or the screen situation of the selection bar.

4. Shazam:

Shazam is one of those applications that every music fan downloads to your smartphone as soon as you turn it on for the first time. The popular music recognition service is present on all platforms and in the case of Android, it also comes with a widget that will delight the most music fans. Thanks to one of the best widgets for Android you can recognize that song that plays in the background and saves it to find it later with a single touch.

5. Flipboard:

The Flipboard application is one of the most popular on both Android and iOS. This customizable information provider won the appreciation of many dues in large part to its neat and colourful interface and, as expected, its widget does not detract from the application at all. In fact, I would dare to add that more than one will have downloaded only because of how good the widget looks on the main screen of your smartphone, is one of the widgets for Android most envied by users of other platforms.

6. Car Widget:

Smartphones and driving are not usually a good binomial when it comes to safety. And the result of turning the fact of dealing with your smartphone while driving in something more secure is born this interesting widget for Android. Car Widget occupies the entire screen of your smartphone, adding six quick access to services that can be used while driving as navigation, calls or most frequented places. It is fully customizable and very useful to securely access services that may be necessary while driving.


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