5 Best Wrestling Games for Android

5 Best Wrestling Games for Android

The wrestling games have always been a classic in the history of video games. With them, we have spent hours and hours pounding the buttons until we run out of fingerprints. Fireballs, flying kicks, punches of infarction … and all the blows imaginable in endless combats.

It is a style of play that has triumphed since time immemorial. The wrestling games and fights have a very simple mechanics, defeat the enemy, but they offer an enormous gameplay thanks to the dozens of movements, powers and abilities that each character has. There are many types of fights, from martial arts to gladiator fights to wrestling between superheroes.

They are a type of games where the controls must be precise and the graphics tend to be very striking. Fortunately for a long time, many phones are able to match the consoles of a few years ago in terms of power, so we have best wrestling games Android. Here we leave our 5 recommended.

1. Injustice 2:

The continuation of the popular Injustice: Gods Among Us comes with better graphics, more combinations and an update with all the superheroes of the latest saga of the Justice League. From Batman to Wonder Woman, through Flash or Harley Quinn. A very visual wrestling game, with all kinds of combos and with the popular characters that we will control. The operation in terms of the fight itself is very simple: touch to attack normal and drag for strong hits. In this title they will fight 3 against 3, being able to change between them at any time.

2. Marvel Battle of Superheroes:

From one universe to another. Marvel fans have Battle of Superheroes and Future Fight. In addition to being able to choose among the wide range of characters; from SpiderMan to Hulk, through Magneto or StarLord, we also have the possibility to create groups, form alliances and perform missions. A game with several years behind him that has continued to be updated.

3. Fighting Tiger – Liberal:

If you like martial arts, with Fighting Tiger we can choose different fighters who practice different styles of Kung Fu. The game has 3D graphics, we can use several weapons and we have a very good gameplay that makes it one of the essentials although its graphics are not state-of-the-art.

4. Iron Kill Robot

A multiplayer game where we will have our own killer robot. A very curious game where we will improve our robots to hit better punches, be faster or have different weapons. A highly recommended game not only for the fun theme but for the powerful online community created.

5. Mortal Kombat X

With graphics based on Unreal Engine 4, the Mortal Kombat saga has become synonymous with the good wrestling game. Rather violent and brutal (+17 years) but also surprised with the classic fatalities. Form a team of three and fight against the rest of the warriors in a game that will not work on mobiles with less than 1GB.


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