5 Best Open Source Apps for Android

5 Best Open Source Apps for Android

Android itself is an open source project and is in fact one of the most popular ones. Open source apps are a boon to most people as it helps source projects grow. It is specially for people who like seeing the code that runs on their phone. Here is a list of five amazing open source apps:

1. Google Chrome:

It is one of the fastest and easiest to use apps. Being one of the most popular browsing apps, it is also an open source via the Chromium project. Luckily, everyone knows the way Google Chrome works and what its features are. It is a very special open source as it allows you to access various other apps like Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev, and Chrome Canary for free.

2. Kodi:

It might not be as popular or famous as Google Chrome, but it has its own perks. It is not a great idea to use this app for phones. It is an app which focusses on media and allows easy access to various pictures, videos and music. It supports add-ons, but they are not recommended by us due to legal issues. Other than this, it is a spectacular option as an open source app for Android users. It is a free app and is available on Google Play.

3. Open Camera:

Unlike the others mentioned above, it is a camera open source app and provides many more options. It consists of full manual controls which is a benefit for those who can use them the right way. So, it provides configurable hotkeys, HDR support, a widget, and support for some external microphones for videographers. It is usually advised that the users should use their own open stock camera. This app is still the best open source camera app that is available till now. It is a free app but asks for an optional donation of about two dollars for a good cause.

4. Telegram and Signal Private Messenger:

These are two messaging open source apps which allow you to message freely without invading your privacy by providing end-to-end encryption. It also provides the option of group chats, media exchange and much more. The security and privacy provided by both these apps is the best available due to the source code. Both of these apps are equally good but if one was forced to choose, according to reviews, the first one is a little more superior than the second. Popularity makes a lot of difference when it comes to messenger apps.

5. VLC:

The VLC player is extremely famous and popular. It is probably available on most of the laptops used in offices and even casually. It is available on the maximum number platforms (more than most other media player open source apps). It is fortunately a free app and has always been in demand. It is extremely easy to use and supports the rarest types of formats like DVDs, live streams, and a thousand audio codecs. It is not advised to use it as an audio player because it is a bit clunky. It covers all the basics and is an excellent option.

This is a list of the fastest, safest and most preferred open source, irrespective of the order. We really hope that this article helped you.


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