5 Best Android Launchers In 2018

5 Best Android Launchers In 2018

Launchers deals with the methodology of how we get into arranging, organizing, and interacting with diverse apps on Android. There are a series of the home screens in a launcher, where you can simply arrange the app shortcuts. Also here you can arrange the widgets in addition to an app drawer. Though each and every phone out there comes with the in built launcher, however, you always have an option. You have an option to download one of your own choice as there are plenty available on the Google play store. Among these plenty which ones are the best are explained here in this article. Here are the 5 Best Android Launchers In 2018.

1. Evie Launcher

This one is a perfectly lightweight launcher that will perform almost everything that is expected of a launcher. All the functions that it performs are effectively done. At the outset, the launcher enjoys the swipe up gesture so as to facilitate opening the app drawer. Not only this, but the launcher also facilitates the provision of double-tapping the screen. This helps you to put your phone to the sleep mode. You can do the same, by either using the phone-locking Instant Lock or you can go in for the Smart Lock-friendly Timer Lock. This can easily be set up and then run with, without any trouble. Also, you can simply customize the desktop grid if you like and then turn the gestures on and off as and when required or suitable. This particular launcher enjoys the quick updates, which implies that there is a lot more to expect from the same. You can ideally expect a great speed and also back up your Evie layout plus the settings to the Google Drive directly.

2. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher has proved to provide us an entirely Android-native experience. Apart from this, it is the top-quality launcher that helps in the booting process. It is known to offer an edge-to-edge widget placement. This is primarily a browser that is centered near to the clean home screen with the help of a robust dock. You may call it a smart feed that is centered around the Microsoft account of yours in addition to the daily phone use. The speedy app drawer makes a provision for you to easily locate all your apps. The set up Microsoft Launcher is a touch long-winded, though you will face no difficult navigating. Navigation is as smooth as the passing of the wind. There are all the reasons for you to consider downloading this swift and light launcher.

3. Nova Launcher

It was about 6 years ago that the Nova Launcher came to the forefront. Since then this launcher has been delivering the commendable performance in the Android launcher market and has been a great player. There are a plethora of reasons for justifying he dominate of this launcher. It is a perfect blend of the features like customization as well as the convenience. This makes your smartphone more Pixel-y as well as more TouchWiz . This it does with great ease plus grace. There are a plenty of features hidden in the plain sight of the launcher that makes it even the more wanted. You can enjoy the pocket ace Subgrid Positioning in addition to the excellent backup system. This is a perfect choice and an excellent performer when it comes to preparing the complex themes. Also, it will delight you a lot if you want to simply enjoy the appreciable gesture controls.

4. Action Launcher

Without any doubt, the Action Launcher remains to be one of the most preferred and the most popular launchers out there in the market. The credit goes to the QUICK, that is, the Quicktheme, the Quickdrawer, the Quickpage, the Quickbar etcetera. This helps you to do the requisite in the quickest possible way. This further facilitates that the major task at hand that is actually supposed to be done can be done without any delay. So as to ensure that people get what they want in the shortest possible time and way, the launcher itself has taken the responsibility. This is the responsibilty of becoming one of the best customizable launchers that are existent in the market. Be it the robust gesture control that it enjoys or the ever present Covers plus Shutters it has all. In addition to this, the hide folders plus widgets, name it anything and you will be able to use Action Launcher to enjoy the easy set up. The launcher has the capability to support the features from the latest versions of the Android also.

5. BlackBerry Launcher

BlackBerry has made a sort of great comeback with the BlackBerry Launcher, that you will find there on the Google Play ready for download. It is a comparatively stable launcher that makes using Android a left hand task for those who are new in field. It has almost all the features that you would like to find in the Android launcher of today’s technocratic era. Ranging right from the pop-up widgets that which can possibly appear with the swipe of the icon to the one that is the most easy to understand Shortcut galleries, you will find everything here. Using this launcher, you can set up the things the way you like to set them up. The option of customization is always available. You can easily streamline your launcher experience and get the best of efficiency. There is this feature of Keyboard shortcuts on the BlackBerry Launcher. This somehow remain to be exclusive for the physical keyboard phones of the BlackBerry.

All in all, these are the 5 Best Android Launchers In 2018. There are some that offer the premium experience while there are others that offer much more. Any of these are available free of cost while for many you have to pay a nominal choice. However, the fact remains that there are in any case a plethora of options available for you as far as the launcher is concerned for your android phone.


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