7 Best Baby Games for Android

Best Baby Games for Android

The fact that babies are not supposed to be handed smartphones or tablets is a very well known fact. They have a knack for breaking those and it is not good for their health and mental growth as it confines them to their rooms. But, if you are brave and strong-willed to give your electronic devices to your toddlers, you should also know the best baby games for Android that can keep your kids entertained for hours and educate them too.

1. Androbaby

Androbaby is a game app that is available on Google Play. They have made a lot of Android Baby Games. Some of them are perfect for young toddlers. Such games include First Words for Babies, Kids Farm Game, Animal Sounds, Baby Flashcards and Learning Colors for Babies. They also have games that older people can also play. Most of these games are available for free but with ads. The ads can be removed at a normal low price.

2. App Quiz Baby Games

App Quiz is another app available on Google Play. They also have a considerably large number of good baby games. Some of the games are Baby Balloons, Toddler and Baby Games, Baby Musical Instruments, Car Wash for Kids, Baby Puzzles and many more. The games are minimalistic, simple, colourful and noisy with catchy music. They’re the virtual mobile versions of real-life toys for kids. All games are free for download. If you take up the free version, you will have to bear the ads. The paid version has no ads.

3. Fisher-Price Baby Games

This is a well-known name for children’s entertainment. They do the production of many toys which we must have definitely seen before. They make baby games for mobiles. Many games are between the prices of free to $2.99. This app becomes easily accessible for all those also who are on tighter budgets. Neither do the free ones nor the paid versions have any sort of advertisings. There are games such as nursery rhymes, hide and seek, counting and voice/sound games. Some games have multiple games in one.

4. GoKids

GoKids is a developer that makes a lot of baby games. Some of them aren’t educational, but you can find educational stuff there too. The most famous games that are available on GoKids are Animals Farm, Learning Shapes, Ocean Bubbles Pop and Baby Zoo Piano. All games are free for download. If you take up the free version, you will have to bear the ads. The paid version has no ads. A few of these can be played by older kids. If you think that something is too difficult for your child, then you must keep in mind that some games are for older kids too.

5. Lively Mind Baby Games

Lively Mind is an app available on Google Play with a lot of games for babies. They have games on topics like simple puzzles, singing songs, fireworks, music, rhymes, balloon popping, animal sounds and more. The games are very simple and very few babies will happen to have a problem with them. All games are free for download. If you take up the free version, you will have to bear the ads. The paid version has no ads.

6. Kids Animal Piano

Kids Animal Piano is a simple game made for little babies. Each animal can be assigned a certain note. This helps your baby play with different animal sounds together, all at once. This lets you create music that can be sung by animals. It is a very simple game and is sure to make the parents go mad because of the various noises, but the results are worth it. This is a colourful app which contains no in-app purchases. The ad-free version is its own app.

7. Kids Doodle

Kids Doodle is not actually a game. It is one of the best kids drawing apps that can be found. It has a drawing space with a black background which has neon colours to be artistic This makes it a very colourful experience which can be enjoyed by most kids. There is also a white background with a lot of colours and a set of 24 brushes. There is a movie mode which lets you record your baby’s drawing and you can watch it later. It’s a completely free app.


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