6 Best Grammar Apps for Android

6 Best Grammar Apps for Android

Many people are not good at grammar. People can have bad grammar and that is completely okay. It is okay if someone spells a word wrong. That is just one example. However, now in this technologically driven world it’s possible easily to use a little work on grammar and that includes me. Here are the best grammar apps Android can provide us.

1. Basic English Grammar

Basic English Grammar is a basic grammar app. It provides a variety of lessons and tests in order to attain better grammatical skills. This includes more than 200 grammar lessons, 475 tests, Material Design UI and rears support to over 100 languages with the help of a translator. In this way, you can understand and make sense of the words in your native language, if you happen to be learning a different one. The app has no ads

2. English Grammar Book

English Grammar Book is an older grammar app which provides a user individual practice lessons for various grammar rules. This has over 100 grammar pointers and it also features simple explanations, examples, and little improvement activities to help users build on their grammatical skills. It lets you bookmark lessons for recollections and lets you keep your scores through a medal system, this itself allows one to monitor ones personal scores on grammar improvement. The app is free with advertising. The premium version removes ads.

3. English Grammar in Use

English Grammar in Use is a grammar app which is run by grammar professor Raymond Murphy. This app is based on the best-selling book of the same name and includes a variety of activities and lessons about grammar. The free version has fewer pointers; however for more you can buy the rest. This is definitely an expensive grammar app but if we see the creator, it’s probably worth it.

4. English Grammar Test

English Grammar Test is a very popular grammar app. It has a lot of content which includes more than 1000 exercises and makes you practise various skill levels, tests, etc. It keeps track of your scores and hence gives you an opportunity to improvise and know your daily progress. The app is completely free.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the newer free grammar apps that include features like auto-correct, punctuation mistakes and spelling errors. This app is quite similar to other apps such as Gboard or SwiftKey. It also corrects your grammar as you type. It’ll recommend commas, thesaurus, misspellings, missing words, and confused words. It still does not have some features like gesture typing. The keyboard is free without any ads or in-app purchases.

6. Merriam Webster Dictionary

Dictionary apps are the best of the kind for proper English study. They show you the various definitions of words, how a word is pronounced, and various examples of the word used in a sentence. This app also includes vocabulary puzzles, a voice search, a thesaurus, audio pronunciations, and word of the day. The free version has all of these features. The paid version has more restricted definitions; it provides the proper nouns, foreign terms and a full 200,000-word thesaurus without any kind of advertising.


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