6 Best Android Apps of 2018

Best Android Apps of 2018

The list of applications available on Android is endless. We know. Have you ever found yourself browsing the Play Store looking for new apps to install? Surely yes. And the objective is always the same: find an interesting, useful application that does not take up unnecessary space in your smartphone’s memory. Task not easy. Therefore, we want to help you and we have the definitive list of best Android apps you need to get the most out of your phone. And we have divided them into categories to make your life easier.

1. Flick Launcher

Inspired by the Google Pixel launcher, Flick Launcher mimics the Pixels smartphone interface and offers several customization options. Applications, shortcuts, night mode, fonts … everything can be changed according to your tastes. You will not need to have a Pixel or run Android Oreo on your smartphone to have the interface

2. Remindee – Create reminders from any app

As its name suggests, this application allows us to create reminders for many applications in a super simple way. You just have to press the share button in an application and put the date and time you want to be notified. Perfect for the most forgetful.

3. Darkmatte – Flat Dark Icon Pack

Do you want to give another air to your smartphone? With Darkmatte Icon Pack you can. This application has a huge variety of icons (more than 1,500) with a flat design and dark tones. If you like black and derivatives, do not hesitate to try it. Your smartphone will be the most original.

4. Snapchat

The Snapchat public messaging applications are the most popular is no secret. Of course, each is the choice of each one of all the available ones and what factors influence this decision. You may prefer emoticons or stickers or you may be more aware of the privacy and security of your conversations.

5. Morecast:

This application Integrates meteorological data from thousands of weather stations and own data.Among many of its functions, we can access webcams distributed around the world and watch a video of the weather situation of the place. Also, if we are going to travel, it offers alternative routes to avoid bad weather.

6. Google Maps:

The uses of a smartphone are very broad. But, undoubtedly, one of the most popular in day-to-day is that of maps. With them, those who lack a sense of direction, among which I include myself, can use their smartphone to reach their destination.


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