5 Best Quiz Games and Trivia Games for Android


On television, we are currently on many quizzes. There have been many programs of this type for years. Games in which the contestants have to demonstrate their knowledge. In the past, many of these programs had their own board game, which probably many have played. Now, they also come to Android.

Question sets in which we have to demonstrate our knowledge. Either on a specific topic or on a variety of topics. If you like these games, you’re in luck. Because we leave you with a selection of the 5 best quiz games and trivia games for Android.

1. World Geography

We begin with this game whose name leaves us already quite clear in what it consists. We find a game with questions about geography. So, they are questions about the capitals of the world, recognize flags or recognize the shape of a country in particular. As we move forward, the questions are somewhat more complicated. But if you are an expert on the subject, then you will not have a problem with them.

2. Millionaire 2018

The legendary television contest also has its version for Android. The operation of the game has not changed anything regarding the television program. We find ourselves with a series of questions that increase in difficulty in a remarkable way. We have several levels and we also find the legendary jokers. We can use them in case of not being sure or not knowing the answer. If you liked the contest, this game will like you a lot.

3. The Knowledge Quiz

Another game whose title tells us already a lot about how it works. We are faced with a set of questions that will put our knowledge to the test. The game divides the questions into different categories. In addition, there are more than 4,000 questions in the game, so none of them will be repeated. So, you’re going to have to control on many different topics to stand up as the winner. In addition, we have a time of 20 seconds to answer a question. So, we have to be very quick with our answers.

4. TRIVIA 360

Another trivia game that is popular with Android users. On this occasion, we meet with questions of all kinds of topics. In addition, the questions themselves are also very varied. Since in some we have to answer the options that there are, there are questions of true or false or we have questions about a photo. So, it is very enjoyable at all times. Since the questions are very varied. Our goal is the same, to become the winners.

5. QuizUp

We close the list with this other game that also presents us with a multitude of questions of all kinds of categories. So, we’re going to have to know about many topics in order to respond correctly to everything. Although one of the aspects that makes it so interesting is that you can create your own questions in the game. So, you create a community in which users share their questions. Something that is certainly special and unusual in this type of games.


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