Top 5 Revolutionary Smartphone App In 2018

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Technology has taken over world in most of the ways. World is technology driven these days for every little thing we are dependent on technology. Currently, with the advent of smartphone world has been in our fists. We have apps available from music to apps that help you manage your money. Apps on our smartphone have made our lives more comfortable than ever before. Smartphone have become easily accessible to most of the people these days. Thus using apps on our smartphone is easier, quicker and user friendly way.

Following is the list of apps; these are the most popular apps of 2018

1) Snapchat

Snapchat has been the most popular and most downloaded app of previous year. It is a messaging app that lets user interact using camera application via photos and short videos, called as Snaps. It is popular among youth as it lets user bit more interactive and it’s a fun application to use and increasing being downloaded by many new users every month.

2) YouTube

YouTube has revolutionized the ways people watch videos online. You tube has provided users with entrepreneurial spirit as it lets user upload their videos on internet and showcase their talent. If their videos become popular and build their audience, with increasing views of videos you can earn money and generate employment out of it. It is one of the ways you can generate money online using internet.

3) Facebook

Facebook is very popular app that lets user create his/her own profile and share their photos , videos and can even share status online with their family and friends. Facebook has bought people closer than ever before. We can be thousands of miles apart from our loved ones yet so close virtually that we can connect instantly within few seconds. Even those friends who we may have forgotten years before, also have come closer with the help of facebook it has kept all are loved ones connected in closely knit way. It is awesome & fun way to connect to all our loved ones instantly no matter how far they are from us in term of miles.

4) Whatsapp

Whatsapp is popular messaging app on our smartphone that has revolutionized the way we used to send messages to contacts on our smartphone. Whatsapp let us share video, audio as well as text messages easily among all our phonebook contacts.
It has really very simple & User friendly interface to use among all users. Whatsapp is very popular among all apps of the smart phones.

5) Amazon

Amazon is the most popular shopping app used in smartphone. Shopping using apps on smart phones has become so easy and user friendly .With just a single click on your smartphone you can easily shop for anything ranging from utensils to stationery to clothes to beauty products just everything that comes to your mind. Without taking any hassle of stepping out, searching for your products across various shops you can easily explore products online that you like.



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