Pre – Installed Malware Attack on Android Phone

Pre - Installed Malware Attack on Android Phone

Mobiles phones have become an essential part of our lives, for every small thing in our live we are dependent on them be it helping with our daily exercise routine , booking a cab , looking for direction , keeping in touch with friends and family etc there are innumerous things in which a mobile phone is a great help. However with such a dependence on Mobile phone there are greater risks associated with the same as well. Android Operating system is very popular among smartphone these days and has been posing a serious threat to Apple iOS but did you know Android Phones are pre-installed with malware?

Yes, it is a kind of surprisingly weird but it’s true. Android Phones are coming installed with malware even before it reaches its user and hasn’t even laid his hands on the new Gadgets. This is a very disturbing trend. Earlier it was possible for the user to take some precautions like remaining aloof from installing such software which are suspicious and avoid visiting such shady websites in which a user feels there is a possible danger of malware. But now with this thing coming up it is out of the hands of user and mobiles are more susceptible to such malware attacks. It is a kind of situation which is really worrying for user and can’t think of the possible danger that might be working in the background when you have just switched on your newly bought mobile phone. Sometimes it is also possible that malware is infected within the ROM only which is no possible to remove malware even with restoring the mobile device. It far more complicated than it may seem.

However user can do little to stay away from these infecting malware, simply a user can download a malware scanner on their mobile device and run it on as soon as you first lay your hands on the new gadget. Also malware removal applications like AVG Anti Virus security, 360 mobile securities etc are very useful in removing a malware from their devices easily without having worry too much. It is easy and reliable malware removal application that works as wonders to keep you mobile safe and continue working as a pro like ever before.

There are several ways in which a user can find out whether their mobile device is possible infected with the malware or not. Being alert with things will certainly help you going along a long way. If your mobile phones performance unexpectedly hits a low though your mobile phone is brand new. It might be due to the possible malware attack which is important to look out in the matter.
Sometimes it is also possible that you start experiencing a low battery life problem unexpectedly this might be due to the fact because some malware are designed as such to sit in the background and they run all day long thereby draining the battery when you yourself is not using mobile phone that long, which might surprise you possible reasons for draining the battery. So it better to remain Informed and saved from malware attacks.


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