Top Photo Recovery Apps for Android Phone

Top Photo Recovery Apps for Android

There are quite a few reasons for which Android users search for a photo recovery app. The apps become even more sought after if a phone crashes and important or memorable photos have to be recovered after factory restoring the device. Whatever the reason might be, finding the right app is an absolute necessity. So today, we are going to talk about the top photo recovery apps available on the Playstore for Android. Read on to find out more.

Tipard Android Data Recovery

This is perhaps one of the finest photo recovery apps available for Android. If you accidentally delete some pictures from your device, they do not get permanently deleted, not until you intentionally choose to do so. The accidentally deleted file is stored in the archives of your memory card, making recovery possible, thanks to the advanced search algorithm used by Tipard.

4EXT Recovery Control

This photo recovery app from 4EXT is quite popular among Android users, as it helps to recover all accidentally deleted photos within a short span of time, along with providing various customizable options that helps you to improve as well as control the entire process of recovery. You can recover formats like GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP with 4EXT’s recovery tool.


The benefit with using Undeleter is that it can be used for recovering all sorts of data, including pictures. Using Undeleter, you can quite easily scan and recover all erased files from internal storage and memory card, including videos, photos and documents. Use Undeleter to retrieve all your lost data and pictures from accidentally formatted internal folders or memory cards with ease.

Data Recovery

If you are looking for an APK for recovering pictures on your Android device, Data Recovery is a good choice for you. Restore all your deleted videos and photos to your gallery, along with deleted music files, call logs, SMS messages, etc. Use Data Recovery to backup all your data to ensure enhanced protection.

GT Recovery

GT Recovery is perhaps the most versatile photo recovery tool on this list. The app scans your Android device for deleted photos and videos, as well as music files, deleted contacts and SMS messages, and restore them based on your confirmations in the preview window.

Rashr – Flash Tool

Rashr’s interface is based on Adobe Flash, which gives it the inherent ability to recover deleted photos from your external or internal storage with ease. Once recovered, the photos can be saved quite easily on your external memory card or internal storage. You can also download all your recovered files to your PC using Rashr.

Photo Recovery

This easy to use photo recovery app, an exclusive for non rooted Android devices, is an ideal option if you want quick recovery of all your accidentally deleted pictures. All it takes is one tap on your screen, and all your deleted photos will be recovered. All you need to do is choose the ones you want to restore.

So choose from among these photo recovery apps and restore all your lost memories.


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