Top 10 free Android Apps to Stream TV Shows, Movies and Animation

Top 10 free Android Apps to Stream TV Shows, Movies and Animation

We are living in times when technology has become an essential part of our lives, most of the part of the day we are we are always working with the technology increasing our internet presence on the network. With the broadband user are also on rise, which is essential criteria for technology to work better. Internet can save a lot of bucks, if you think of the situation where you are able to stream movies, Television shows, and videos for free on android. This means you no longer have to wait for video to download before starting playback.

In early days of internet if a website want to add video, website visitor has to download the video before playing it , but with the advent of streaming video it is possible to start playing the video almost immediately when the file begins to download . Streaming video concept has sorted out things and has made it easy for users as well as those providing services. Also streaming video concept is useful in piracy protection, as it prevents the user from making copies to it, this preventing piracy.

As android platform has become so popular these days every new application works on android platform as it is safe and easy to use.

Thus streaming videos, Television shows and movies on android platform that too for free makes it a must grab deal. There are many applications available on the internet that lets you stream videos, Television shows and movies for free on android platform as discussed following:

1) CBS

CBS is popular android application that lets user stream as much as videos as they wish. It is present on Google play store; user can easily download the app and start streaming. It comes with popular television shows that users can full on enjoy that too for free, that proves like cherry on the top.

2) The CW Network

The CW network works smoothly and also it does not verify a cable TV subscription credentials that makes it hassle free for users to use its services. It is loaded with popular television shows like The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and America Next Top Model etc which services the taste of users from all age groups. Also it features Advertisements that lets you have the knowledge of the new products in the market.

3) History

History channel application is must for users who wants some fun reality punch and have interest in knowing History. This application lets you search shows by topic that makes it easy for users to browse through the application and choose the shows as per their choice be it about World War II or Ancient History etc as they may like.

4) Crackle

Crackle is the most popular application which is absolutely free that user can easily download from Google Play store. The unique feature with the application is that it is updated every month with latest new TV Shows and movies, which makes it very popular and much in demand among users of all age groups. Crackle is the must have application in your latest android gadget.

5) Hulu

Hulu is user friendly free android application that lets users enjoy premium Television Shows and movies and that too free without paying any subscription fee. Hulu offer great content with awesome picture quality for free. It is great collection of latest as well as classic shows which surely soothes taste buds of every user.


SPB TV application is an android application that is offers content from worldwide providing a good selection of content that a user can choose as per their requirement. It provides a wide range to select.

7) Monomania

Monomania as the name suggests , it is an application that is a heaven for cartoon lovers or even parents of little kids can download it for them .It is user friendly application , everything is easily navigable to select the content as per your individual choice. Monomania contains latest and most popular cartoon shows that never ever bores its users. This application also features wide range of filters that users can apply to select the viable content to watch with wide range of choices available for the user. Also this file is not available not Google Play store till now, however you can download its APK file from mobi24. It is delight to watch it’s show and it lifts your mood instantly whenever you play it.

8) Crunchy roll

If you are looking for an animation application on a Google play store crunchy roll is an application that you are surely going to bump into. It is an excellent application for streaming animation videos on the android platform which has the best selection of animation, provides a wide range of choices for the user to select an appropriate animation contents for yourself that reminds you of your childhood memories or you can download it for your little ones. Crunchy role is hugely popular application on Google play store with several millions of download. This is treating to watch.

9) FilmOn

FilmOn application is truly global in nature as it stream content from all around the globe with variety of content from horror movies to romantic ones, It have a huge selection of content to choose from wide range of choices it offers. FimOn is hugely popular free android application is must have for every user in their android smartphone; it will never leave you alone and bored. It has entertainment stuff from all around the globe.

10) MX Player

MX player is the popular video player application and it supports all the popular formats and can be easily downloaded from Google Play store and has a wide range of choices available for the user to choose the content as per their desire .MX Player also has different features to offer to its user like subtitles, kids lock etc that makes easy and safe to use.


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