How to Supercharge Your Blog Posts Through Twitter Hashtags

How to Supercharge Your Blog Posts Through Twitter Hashtags

Companies have devised different ways through which they can market their products. One common method that companies use to get their brand known and increase traffic to their website is through blogging. However, just writing a blog and posting it on the website is not enough. You need to ensure that you market your blogs so that they get a good number of reads. The best method, and that you should take advantage of, is posting a link to your content on the social media. Did you know that Twitter has a great potential to supercharge your blog posts?

Through Twitter hashtags, you can be able to achieve more guests reading your blog posts and consequently increase your website traffic. Well, in this article, we will focus on how to use hashtags to supercharge your blog posts. So how can you take advantage of hashtags to supercharge the performance of your blog posts? Scroll down further to find out.

1. Take Advantage of Trending Hashtags

In Twitter, trending topics are a good opportunity for a business to achieve brand awareness. To increase the visibility of your blog posts, you can choose a relevant trending topic. The advantage of trendy topics is that they offer bloggers a chance to practice real-time marketing. Actually, a trending topic has a unique capacity of drawing and holding the attention of thousands of readers over an extended period of time.

The trending topics are therefore a good opportunity for bloggers to be heard easily. However, for this to be effective, one has to choose the topics to participate in carefully. Before getting started with Twitter hashtags, it is important to have the following tips at your fingertips to achieve success with this strategy.

• Research and Identify Trending Topics
A wrong choice of trending topic can lead to a dangerous roadblock and undesirable pitfall. Therefore, you should conduct a research well so as to determine the best topic to participate in. You can take advantage of various tools to research the trending topics on Twitter. The different tools that you can use include Trendsmap, Sprout social, and Rite Tag. The trending topics are also displayed on your Twitter dashboard and you can pick a topic there.

• Pick a Topic that Relates to your Field of Interest
There are various trending topics on Twitter. Not all of them are great for marketing your blog posts. Some have a higher potential compared to others. Give top priority to the topics that relate to your area of interest. For instance, if your blogs relate to technology, choose the trending topics that relate to technology. You will not achieve much if you choose a trending topic relating to women fashion

2. Start and Popularize Your Hashtag

If jumping the bandwagon is not your cup of tea, why not start and popularize your hashtag? Actually, starting a hashtag is a good approach for self-branding on Twitter. For example, Coca-Cola came up with their own hashtag which has greatly helped them in their marketing campaigns. Through this approach, bloggers can define their brands and let their fans find them easily. When coming up with your hashtag, consider the following.

• Keep it Relatively Short
A short hashtag is easy to remember. Therefore, when the fans reading your content want to engage with you they can easily remember your hashtag. Don’t make it a hustle for the readers who want to engage with you. A short and precise hashtag will greatly help you achieve the goal driving more engagements with your content. Ideally, you can use two to three words when coming up with a hashtag.

• Make Sure it is Easy to Spell
A hashtag can be easy to remember but hard for your fans to spell. When this is the case, they will often not get the message to you. Therefore, ensure that you have an easy top spell hashtag to avoid confusing your followers.

• Ensure its Unique
A thorough research is needed whenever you are coming up with a hashtag for your brand. Avoid almost similar hashtags and make sure you avoid a hashtag that has ever been used in the past. Recycling a hashtag can have a serious implication to your brand. Consider even checking if your hashtag is/has ever been used by others in the past.

• Ensure you Use and Share the Hashtag Widely So as to popularize it.
To popularize your hashtag you have got to use it often whenever you are tweeting. This is the best approach to ensure that the hashtag is popular. Encourage your followers to use the hashtag so that it gets trending. This is a good approach for popularizing the hashtag.

3. Track your Twitter Hashtags

Through twitter tracking metrics, you can measure the engagements for every tweet you send out. You need to be able to identify which topics are capturing the attention of your twitter followers and identify any room for improvement. The hashtag tracking tools will give you a good indication of the performance of the conversations you are having on Twitter. You can as well view a graphical representation of the impressions your tweets earn. This will act as a guide for measuring if your content is relevant to what the followers want to read on.

4. Distinguish Between the Hashtags

There are the always-on hashtags and campaign specific hashtags. For the always-on hashtags, these are the daily use hashtags. The campaign specific hashtags are short-lived and have a specific purpose. These two should be clearly distinguished so as to ensure your followers are participating through the right hashtag.


The Twitter hashtags are an effective method of keeping the users engaged hence keeping the conversation going. With your followers engaged through effective use of Twitter hashtags, your content will always be read by your followers. When they read the content, they will also share with other Twitter users hence increasing the engagements. Are you looking for the best way to increase the audience of your blog post content? Twitter hashtags will help increase content relevance, self-branding, and content discovery. Try using Twitter hashtags and follow this guidance for rapid results.


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