Latest Android Update During this Week

Latest Android Update during this week

Android applications have changed the way we have used internet. There is plenty of android application to help you in every possible way. Whether if you are new to city, looking for directions or restaurant nearby or an application to manage your work, there are many choices.

Updates are available every now and then for this applications which makes it ahead of times to change with changing times as per the need of the user. Following are the android applications with latest updates available:

1) Google chrome

Google chrome is the most useful browser mostly it works on all platforms, Android is the most common among them. Ads are the one thing that disturbs user frequently while working with new update of Google chrome blocks those ads which is not as per the better ad standard and also restricts offensive& intrusive content. With latest update to available by 15th February there are fare chances that user will notice the change in the user experience.

2) Alto odyssey

Alto odyssey is the fun filled adventure oriented mobile game all set to release on IOS on 22nd February but android users have to wait for their turn , there is however possibility very soon it gets its place on Google play store. It is obviously very exciting to all the users to have this game on their smart phones as soon as possible.

3) Snapchat

Snapchat is the latest social media craze, which lets you connect to your friends, family and share instant live stories and picture. But the latest update of Snapchat have left users feeling frustrated and confused, as new changes added to the Snapchat don’t seem to go down with the user’s very well. Users are demanding Snapchat to reverse the changes and bring back the old version. However company has refused to do so stating that it will take some time for changes to settle down.

4) Facebook

Facebook is the most loved social media application, which has been so popular also has found its place in almost all of the smartphone. Facebook’s latest updates have added a button to report inappropriate content. In order to make it more user friendly , it provides a better social media platform which lets user share photos , videos , and interest together and remain connected with our friends and family in turn. It will prove out to be very useful in future use.

5) YouTube

YouTube’s CEO has unveiled its plans to bring YouTube’s music service at recode event that took place this week. You tube plans to bring YouTube’s Music service around March 2018.This seems to be great news for music lovers across the country, with its wide presence across the android platform in cell phone, this new feature of YouTube is surely is going to be a hit among its users all across the globe. YouTube is one among the most popular video sharing platform that attracts thousand to individuals, also artists who want to share their skills with the world.


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