Unknown facts you need to know about Google Play Music


Google Play music is one of the most useful App on the Android scene. It is useful for both the paid and free users. There are so many apps that stream music but Google Play Music is most powerful and unique among all. The app got more famous in past recent years. I am sharing the Unknown facts  you need to know about Google Play Music. Let’s have a look.

Google Play Music is much more than you can ever imagine


First thing you will notice while downloading is its design. New Google Play Music has Google Now-esque card design. The design is quite familiar to the user. On the left side there is a Play Music icon, once you tap it will show the list. In the list there is a options like Listen Now, My Library, Playlists, Radio, and Explore. This makes the library more interesting. The Playlist, song list shows up like cards. This feature makes the App more natural. This updated app is little difficult from the old version but once you started using it you will be able to use it. With this new design Play Music feels more like a media hub.

Best features for Music and Videos

Google Play Music provide lot of Music services which only want your love for music and your money. Google have a secret weapon in their subscription: You Tube Red. True, This is the only app which have this feature. In YouTube Red you can skip the ads and save the videos offline. These features make this App Little different from another Music Apps. But this is crucial for those user to listen the song on YouTube while doing something on phone.

Add your music in Google Play Music

Earlier, Google Play Services was little simple, you can upload your music and can streamed it anywhere you want. Now you can easily upload or download the music from your library. You can also save the music in offline mode and listen them when your doing something on phone.

Changes Required

Google Play Music is the App which helps you to change your mood. Google play Music is the most used app in recent years. Although it is changed a lot but there are few things which still required changes. Four years ago, the color of the App was Holo blue/black and now its Orange/ White. The App Continuously adding features without changing the UI which makes the app a boated mess. Suppose if you want to search where you left of, this is too difficult.

The new Google Play Music is a Jaw dropping . The App which helps people to change their mood and  enjoy a lot. User has all the Access Pass. This App makes the music experience little better. Although there are changes required in the app, Still this app is on the top. We share our experience with you. Please let us know if we are missing something or if you like the article, pls like and comment.



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