5 Best Android Music Player Apps

Best Android Music Player Apps

Music streaming services in one form or the other have become a part and parcel of life in today’s world. Be it the Pandora or the Spotify, Google Play Music, or the Apple Music, these are simply a common sight. However, with the not so good experience that we have with this, many of us are still restricted to the collection of songs that we have with us in our devices. For these we wish you to know a little more about the music player apps. Especially, the ones that are available on the Android. Here we have compiled a list of 5 best android music player apps for you. by simply giving any of these a shot you will be able to experience the changes in the experience that you have while you access the music using these and the way you get an experience otherwise.

1. BlackPlayer

BlackPlayer though one of the simplest music player is yet the elegant one that lets no disturbance come between you and the music you wish to hear. The structure on which it works is basically a tab one. You have all the access to customize the tabs. This way you get to avail the ones first that you actually wish to use. Apart from this, it lets you enjoy the equalizer. In addition to this you get widgets as well as scrobbling with an ID3 tag editor. Apart from this, there are no ads or themes. You also get the support for the most usually used music files. The punch of this is that it is extremely simple to use. It has a fantastic option for the fans who prefer minimalism. There is this free version that is available for you though not that equipped as the version for which you have to pay. The paid version lets you access more features. You must try this one today if you have not yet.

2. jetAudio HD

If you are an android user then it is impossible if you have not heard about the jetAudio as it remains to be a long time favorite of the Android people. All the credit goes to the plethora of features that it has in store for you. despite the prevalence of so many features, it is the most simplest to use offering no complications. This one comes featuring a plenty of audio enhancements. These are known to come as the plugins so that you can tweak the music experience of yours a bit more than the usual one. The best part is that, it arrives with an equalizer having 32 presets plus the simple effects like that of the bass boost in addition to a tag editor as well as the widgets plus the MIDI playback. There is a little difference in the free and the paid versions. The difference remains that the paid version completely removes the advertising and also add themes.

3. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is one app that is flooded with a plenty of worth using features. There are loads of features that can prove organizational for you. These are the features that can manage audiobooks as well as the podcasts. In addition to this, you become able to sort out the songs on the basis of things like the composer and not just on the basis of artist. Also, you will be able to facilitate you with the equalizer. One feature that differentiates it from the others of the same type is the ability  to sync. It can sync the music library that you have from the computer to the phone via WiFi. It is ideally a set up that is a little complicated set up, but it has features that are a must have luxury. Having a simple and user friendly interface, this is a good option to select if you wish to have one on your android device.

4. n7player

n7player is somewhat a different type of the music player from the rest that are present in the market and succeeds because of the same. It does not sort out the lists of music on the basis of any of the criteria. What is does is actually unique. It creates a list in the style of a giant collage style of your music. You can then scroll through this list and listen to the song that is your favorite. Apart from this, it provides you with the 10-band equalizer, volume normalization as well as a tag editor. You get scrobbling in addition to plenty of other features. Any of these features are a bit particular that might be demanded by only a few so it might not suit all and sundry. This is however one of the awesome app that will give you all the pleasure of listening to the music.

5. Neutron Player

Neutron Music Player is of the music app that might not be that much popular but has all the features. In other words this is the app that is simply underestimated. The basic feature of the app is a 32/64-bit audio rendering engine. This is something that is independent of the Android OS. The idea behind the same remains that it provides assistance to music to sound a bit better. There are a plethora of other features as well. These include the support for the unique file types in addition to a built-in equalizer plus a host of the other audiophile specific features. It is a bit expensive though a favourite of many who have actually ha an access to the same.

All in all, these are the 5 best android music player apps. Having these installed on your android device is sure to ive you a pleasant experience. In case we have left out the name of the one that is popular and best according to you then you may let us know the same by leaving the comment below.


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