2018 Top Best Callander Apps for Android and iPhone

best callander apps

Smartphone plays an important role to organise our lives. We are so busy in our life with full of parties, appointments, work deadline, it is impossible to keep everything on track. So if you have Callander app in your pocket, you can easily manage everything .We have compiled a list of best trending apps for Android and IOS. We hope one of this will fit to your choice and make your life easier to manage. Here the best trending callander apps given below.

Google Callander

Google Callander
This is an official Google Callander app and helps in saving time. Especially designed feature to view your Callander , the months , weeks and day View is beautiful. It connects with gmail and automatically add all your flight, concert, restaurant reservation. You can also set the reminder to your to-do list. It is also used to set the goals, suppose if you want to run 3 times in a week, it will automatically schedule your time and give you a reminder. This google callander apps works with all the mobile Callander and do exchanging too.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook
This newly designed outlook app helps million of users to connect their email accounts, callanders, files in one spot. This give the preference to important messages and keeps them on the top. It do the scheduling between your email and Callander for next meeting and easily share the availability in few seconds. You are just one tap away from everything you need. It works with Microsoft exchange, office 365 etc. Microsoft Outlook supports 10 New languages and update the version time to time.

Digital Callander

Digital Callander is known as the most flexible and customisable Callander. It is easy in use, simply designed you can make scheduling very quick and fast. You can also sync this app with google Callander outlook and exchange too. Very well organised feature makes it attractive . There are nine different things which makes it more beautiful. Divide all your work , schedule it and complete all your work according to your preference.


This is the most beautiful and prittiest app. It uses colourful photo background and more interesting than your boaring Callander. It shows your daily agenda, all your to-do list, meeting, appointments. It is different from other Callander apps which shows hourly data. Yo just need to launch & schedule, it will remind you time to time. It is easy in use but it does not show weekly view.


This app is almost equal to google Callander. It is well designed and multiuser app. The drag and drop function makes it different from other apps. This function is used for shuffling task and makes appointment easy. This also supports to web and chrome, IOS, android, IPAD platform.

We have compiled these top most trending callander apps data for you. If you find it relevant and useful, please like and kindly comment if we are missing something, we will update and get back to you.


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