8 Best Tips To Increase Your Instagram Followers


Instagram is one of the most popular app these days. While more and more people are making use of their Facebook account, that used to be one of the most trendy app at once, for keeping up with people, at the same time Instagram is being used for uploading pictures. Not only this, but the messaging feature of the app is equally a boon. This iconic photo-sharing app makes you follow other people and a the same time get followers. In such a scenario, it is considered that the number of followers that you have on the app are a direct indicator of your popularity there. Here we are with 8 best tips to increase your Instagram followers.

8 Best Tips To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Each and every one of us wants to have plenty  of followers on Instagram.  However, sometimes this seems to beyond the horizon. However, the truth is that getting the followers on Instagram is not that. There are certain tips that can help you achieve this goal of yours. Though having plenty of followers out there on Instagram seems to be a bit cool but asking people to come and be one of your follower is surely into happening. You need to have an account or say a profile that is able to get you more followers. After reading the tips that we are going to mention here you will be able to fetch more followers that too in a sophisticated way that too free of cost. Though it might appear to be time consuming initially but are surely effective, these tips are as follows.

  1. Link your Instagram with your Facebook profile


By simply linking your Instagram account with the Facebook profile that you have, you can increase your followers. You can share your Instagram posts on your Facebook account that will get it noticed by more number of people. Your friends on Facebook that might not be following you on this app, will begin to do so. This way the number of your followers on this app will increase. This is the best tip to increase the number of followers on Instagram.

  1. Hashtaging skills


Hashtags thesedays play a very significant role in the posts that we update on our social networking sites. These came into trend with the advent of twter and gained momentum from the Instagram. You can enhance your hashtagging skills with the help of apps like TFL Pro. That give you information about the hashtags that are trending  currently. You can simply gain information about the hashtag that might suit your picture and then copy and paste it there. This will make your picture a vogue and more people will begin following you to keep up with these posts. This is another effective tip to increase the Instagram followers.

  1. Apply right filter


Not  all of the filters out there  are popular. Unedited photos are  surely neglected at the first go but there are many other filters that do not gain attention either. So you need to keep a close eye on the feed and see who uses which filter and in what way are they appreciated.

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  1. Like for like


It is a communityout here where we share a symbiotic relationship. If you help me rise, I will push you too. In this same way if one person likes m picture I will like their pictures too and vice versa. So, you need to behave accordingly.

  1. Comments are apreciated


To fetch more followers on Instagram  leave comments on their pictures instead of simply liking it. Everyone of us appreciate our picture being adored. So, if you are the one to do so then the other one is also going to do the same for you by following you.This is a must do if you wish to have more followers on instagram.

  1. Choice of image


You need to post pictures that attract people to experience an increase in the Instagram followers. On noticing you will find that only certain themes and schemes that are really able to gain success. You need to feed people with things that they want to see. It is obvious that no body wish to see things that have nothing significant in them. Therefore, try to post pictures that give people a glimpse of entirely a different world to them.

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  1. Correct Timing


Do not go in for posting on evenings or nights on weekends because most of the users are traveling or partying and not checking their smartphones. Weekdays are most effective as people then are indulged in activities that though important are bit tiring. To give themselves a break they keep on checking the social networking sites. Keep this point in mind to get the effective results.

  1. Importance of Collages


With the help of apps like “Diptic” you can merge photos and videos to fit in an image. These collages fetch more likes and comments, in comparison to a simple image due to higher workload. These pictures therefore bring charm to the Instagram feed, precisely for events like the concert, fashion shows and then weekend games. This is the best thing that you can do to have more followers.

All in all, these are the 8 Best Tips To Increase Your Instagram Followers. Slowly and steadily these tips will help you to enhance the followings that you enjoy on this social networking site. Not to forget that each and every tip given above is to be performed simultaneously to get the best results. In case there is any tip in your mind that finds relevance to the topic then you can surely mention these in the comment section and all of us will appreciate the same.



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