5 Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents


One of the most favourite sites of our, the Kickass Torrents have now become totally inaccessible to us as these have been shut down. After the shutting down of this though r favourite is no longer among us but that does not imply that there will be no further torrent downloads. This is simply not the case. If one closes ten more appears at the forefront. These are the right alternatives to the original one and are trying to get even stronger so that people can actually forget that there was something like the kickass that ever existed. Here we will be providing you the list of 5 Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents. You will be glad to know that there is a probability that Kickass Torrent might soon be recovered with the help of another project as is ideally the situation in all the cases.

5 Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents

The original creators of the Kickass Torrents are back to launch the site having the same design like the original page. There are many of the uploaders who are the former members of the earlier Kickass working with this site as well. Here you will be glad to see that the old design has been maintained. There are also umpteen catalog of links to the files that are collected by the staff from the ones that were the part of the original Kickass Torrents page. Here in this list we have mentioned the ones that have grabbed the attention to have become one of the most visited alternative torrenting sites.

1. The Pirate Bay

This is one of the most visited Torrent site after KAT has got shutdown. Pirate Bay claims to be the most used torrent website across the globe officially. When KAT existed it used to be the second most visited site. This implies that it was the most logically alternative to replace the same. Though I requires a lot of jumping from one domain to another, yet currently it is able to run successfully.

2. Demonoid

It is one of the best private tracker that has been turned into the public. When it came to the private torrent trackers sector, Demonoid remained the benchmark for quite a long time. Once it made a re -entry it became even more powerful than then before. After becoming more powerful that it made the site open to the public. There is no sort of registration required to make a search for any sort of torrents. However, if you want then you can register for the same. It has become so much popular over the period of time that it has been able to attract many of the users that have changed their preference from KAT to this one. Though you might not be able to find all the types of the files here but the collection that you will find here is better than at any other site.

3. RuTracker

There is quite an interesting story to share when it comes to the history of RuTracker. Initially it appeared in the forefront as a private web site that required registration to download . This caused a pressure on the and of the industry so as to shut down. It had not come that far when it got blocked by many of the Russian operators. This led it to come into collaborations with those who were the copyright owners. Being actually irritated by this the owner, that is, the admin did not actually close it but did quite the opposite. They made the same public, thereby allowing all the kinds of torrents causing it to become one of the best alternatives. With the help of the translator it is very easy to make use of this website that is completely Russian offering a huge number of categories. You can surely create an optional account accessing the integrated search as well as the download.

4. Limetorrents

It is one of the best torrent network that actually links to the torrents. It links to the onesĀ  that are in store on the other websites. This implies that it is a kind of catalog of torrents that can assist you to find things that you are looking for. This it does irrespective of the page that contains this. The pitfall that it suffers is the lack of community. In addition to this you can also find the adult content here. Also, when you access a page it leads you to an advertising that tries to download the executables. Therefore, we do not recommend this if you do not have the AD Blocker.

5. Extratorrent kickass alternative

Extratorrent is one of the best alternatives to kickass torrents currently available. It is a shadow of the Kickass Torrents that you might have been waiting for long. There are a lot of pirate scene that facilitates sharing of file. Before KAT actually got down, it was there and was successfully making the base too. The remaining popularity it has grabbed now. At first appearance it is almost the same to the KAT. It ha different categories and languages available. Here from this particular website you can go in for uploading and downloading the torrents by making use of any tracker available on the network.

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All in all, these are the 5 Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents. I guess that these sites will no longer let you suffer the pinch that the original one is no longer among us. After having a look at these we can claim that these are more or less exactly identical to the one that was original. Many more such sites might appear in the times to come. There are certainly a plethora of other torrent sites also available on the web. However these are probably the top alternatives to KAT. When in action, KAT claimed to have more than 50 million visitors every month. Thus becoming the largest torrent sharing site across the globe.



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