Why Businesses Should Invest in Real User Monitoring


Technology is advancing quickly, and businesses need to invest in the right tools that will help them grow. To gain a competitive edge in the today’s competitive market, businesses must focus on key areas like real user monitoring. Real user monitoring or RUM is a web performance technology that looks at the specific interactions of visitors online.

Real User Monitoring

Changes made in one system can affect all or certain users, making performance management difficult to diagnose and maintain. While active monitoring solutions can help you get actionable performance data and alerts, real user monitoring provides the information needed to ensure every user enjoys a great experience.

Why should you invest in real user monitoring?

Considers the Customer First

Every company can have a good website, but the actual work is in creating a connection between you and your potential customers. One of the biggest mistakes for your business is to have a site that is prone to errors. Willing buyers may wait for the site to load until they get tired leaving without making any purchase. The needs of your customers should come first.

Real user monitoring plays a critical role in ensuring that your website is performing as expected. That means fast load times and a streamlined user interface that works smoothly across all devices. RUM helps you take the necessary steps needed to ensure your customers are always happy.

A Better Insight Into Your Visitors

Real user monitoring involves an understanding of the experience of your customers immediately once they visit your site. There is need to comprehend various things such as load times, pageviews, performance of the platform and the performance of site pages. These are the primary considerations when understanding the experience of the users of your site.

While there are other solutions for analyzing user data, real user monitoring provides real-time analysis of targeted user data, giving businesses the ability to pinpoint problems and provide instant feedback and solutions.

Application Monitoring Needs Full Transparency

Even when business applications are running, it does not mean that everything is okay. There is always the possibility of facing application performance or availability challenges, especially as more and more applications rely on third-party services. There are certain problems associated with web applications that can go unnoticed if real-time monitoring is not done.

APM solution

Having an APM solution alone is not enough. You need to be sure that your APM tool comes with real user monitoring capabilities so that you can enjoy full transparency of your performance monitoring efforts and their impact on user experience.  

Keeping Your Customers Happy and Satisfied

The everyday user will visit a website or an application less if it’s slower than the competitor’s, meaning that site performance really matters. If there is something wrong with your site, customers will leave and look for another brand. With real user monitoring, you get the right data to fix performance issues and meet user expectations.


As businesses focus more on user experience, it’s important to ensure that your organization is making use of the available technology to provide the best user experience. Real user monitoring is one of the core areas of focus when you want to make positive gains in your business operations.


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