Top 5 Most Popular Android Apps To Blur Background

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Taking photographs on all the occasions is in trend these days. People take pictures so that they can keep it as a memory of the times gone and add it to their collection. There are some who click pictures just with the intention of posting these on social networking site. Some pictures get clicked in a way that needs no modification, whereas there are some pictures that you need to edit in order to make pictures presentable. Then there comes a category of pictures that require the background to be blurred so that either the unnecessary parts get hidden or else to highlight hose that you want people to focus more on. Or such photograph editing, that help you to blur the background. We here present to you the list of top 10 most popular android apps to blur background.

Top 5 Most Popular Android Apps To Blur Background

There are a lot of pictures on our phones that we are unable to upload on the social networking sites or that we simply delete for the only reason that the background is not appropriate enough to be shown to others. So, in case you are thinking of deleting such apps then let me tell you that here we have a solution for you. This solution comes in the form of the android photo editing apps that help to blur the background. These easy to use applications can simply make your photographs more presentable where things that you want to highlight get the entire focus with just the click of a button.

1. After Focus

If how to blur background in android programmatically is your question, then the simple answer is After Focus. The best thing about this app that is available on the app store is that you can blur the background of the photo either while clicking one or of any picture that you already have on your smartphone. You can blur the portion of the picture by simply marking the boundary. This can be done both manually as well as through the smart method, choice is entirely yours. Once you are done with blurring the background, you have the option of saving the picture in the gallery on your phone. You can simply focus on the main area of the photo that you want to highlight.

2. Focus Effect

If you want a dslr effect app for android then you can simply download the app, focus effect. You can blur and add focus to a photograph at the same time as per your convenience and choice. You can wither do this while clicking the photo or else you can do this with the picture that is already saved in the gallery of your phone. Even if you click the picture with this effect, you can still apply it again with greater intensity by picking it from the gallery. To do so you need to select the rectangular selection area tool. After this, you need to proceed to blur the area that you do not want. Once this is done, you can either save the picture or share it with anyone you wish to.

3. Aviary

If you are looking for blur background app download, then Aviary is one of the most popular Photo editing apps available on the Play Store that you can opt. the app boasts to have over 50 Million downloads. Besides the major feature that we are talking about, it also provides other features as well. Aviary has an awesome ‘Focus’ effect that you can use to insert the Blur effect to your photos. As per the criteria of the app, you need to choose the focus area with the help of a circular or rectangular selection tool. Once you have selected the area, you go ahead and apply this effect and also the other fantastic features that the app provides you with. After you are done, you can share and also save the picture.

4. PicsArt

Blur image background app download is popular these days. One app that comes first to the find to accomplish this is PicsArt . This is an eventual destination that many editors land on as besides providing this basic feature it also tends to give you other features. The app claims to have over a 100 Million download. If we precisely talk about the blur effect then there also you have umpteen options. There are basically five options, namely, normal, Smart, Motion, Focal and radial blur. All of these add different intensity of blur to your photographs. You can use the tool brush to unblur the areas. Again, like the other apps, once you finish editing, you can either save or share pictures with you friends and family.

5. Cymera

Photo editor blur background free download gives cymera app as one of the best options. You can call this one a social Photo editing app. Here you get a number of features. The options are that you can either use the app’s inbuilt camera or choose a picture from the gallery of your smartphone to edit the same. You can chose the Blur effect from the app’s ‘Effect’ options menu. Then you can simply choose the focus area with the help of a circular or a rectangular tool. You can also manage the intensity of the blur that you wish to apply. After adding the blur effect, you can simply save the picture or share it.

All in all, these are the Top 10 Most Popular Android Apps To Blur Background that come as a handy solution for certain pictures. All of these are available for download from the app store. For most of these or for all of these you do not even require to pay anything. Si ply visit the play store and download these. Depending on your choice and requirement you can download any of these apps today. The best part is that these do not even consume much pace on your smartphone. These are easy, convenient and handy.


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