Top 6 Most Popular Google Cardboard Games 2017

google cardboard games

If you want to experience but do not want to buy an expensive computer and headset, then Google Cardboard is an easily accessible cheap way to experience the same. To those who do not know much about this then here is the story. You make the headset from the cardboard, however you also the option to use plastic. As far as having the VR experience is concerned, you can use the phone. This is the way to have a real kind of an experience that too in the virtual world. I hope this has made it clear to you that what actually Google Cardboard Games are. Here we have for you the list of Top 6 Most Popular Google Cardboard Games  2017.

Gone are the days when you were in a habit of palying the traditional games. Now it is the time to play the games that will provide you a totally new experience. Come forward and avail the option. Before you know these games, you need to know whether these games are worth the cost you need to pay for these or not. Many people have a fantacy to have a VR experience though the same is still in its infancy.


1.       BombSquad VR for Cardboard


One of the arcade game with platformer element  is the BombSquad VR for Cardboard . Here you need to ignore all kinds of bombs, capture flags, and experience a good time. Up to eight players can play the game and all of the levels you need to complete. It has a little more explosions in comparison to the Mario that most of you are fond of playing. Besides the non-VR version you can avail the regular BombSquad Pro game unlocker which you can buy for $2.99.

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2.       Adventure Time: I See Ooo VR


Many of the Cardboard games are named in a way that gives an insight into the game having an association with the VR experience. Though it is not that lengthy a game as expected but when it comes to price then it is an exception. Here in this game you will find two VR mini cams and a puzzle. Though, a few but these are quite good. You need to give this one a shot if you are really a fan.

3.       InMind VR


This game has much to do with the brain system. Here you behave like a doctor using runner mechanics who travels along the neural pathways of the brain. You have to do this in order to look for the physical abnormalities. This totally unique arcade shooter helps you neutralizing . This you have to do in order to make the brain in your hands more healthy by getting rid of all the abnormalities. One thing that you need to know is that you do not need a VR headset in order to play this game. You need not make any in app purchases and you can enjoy the game free of cost.

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4.       Chair in a Room


This is one of the Best Google Cardboard Games. You can have a fabulous and the most gothic VR experience  by playing  A Chair in a Room. Here you need the control only in limit. You need only a single light in the room and a chair at the table. By just sitting in the room you can play the entire game. Here you examine the newspaper clippings and start following  the story of a young girl who was kidnapped. As you continue with the game, the light begins to flicker. As a result you need to turn to your flashlight. This calls for the recharging, meanwhile you are in the pitch black room.  All this while, the strange sounds keep creating those terrifying feelings in you. The game continuously arises the feeling of creepiness in your mind and heart. a perfect experience awaits for you.

5.       BattleZ VR


BattleZ VR can rightly be called the zombie shooter. Here you will also find the involvement of the dragons that are thrown in for some reason. Having a light mode and the basic playing platform this game is a good choice. You have to use the headset in conjunction with a special “realcontrol’ remote. This you can purchase or build yourself. Besides having a single player shooting you can also find the online mode also. You just have to incur the expenditure on buying or building your controller, other than that the game is absolutely free of cost.

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6.       Sisters


Before knowing the game you need to know the tagline that says, “Be careful where you look, because something doesn’t want you here.” The tagline gives you an insight into the game and te rules of playing the same. In real words you get a tech demo. The game lasts only few minutes. This game is definitely a perfect showcase. This game works with the help of a binaural sound. It makes you feel that the sounds are coming from your left or right and not from all around. It is a perfect combination of immersion and surprising graphical fidelity. This is the perfect game if you wish to experience the fear or make someone else make it experience how it seems to be scared. There is not much to play around though you may find supernatural horror that unfolds right close to you.

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All in all, these are the Best Google Cardboard Games that you need to try your hand at. Some of these have in app purchases though majority of them are available free of cost. You can enjoy all of these and make one your favourite. This is a great way to experience the VR in the virtual world like the one that is real. So, I guess there is no point waiting more and time to step up and have the experience that is all new for you. Totally a different experience from those that are the monotonous conventional games long dominating the playing platform.

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