Best 5 Most comfortable headphones 2017


Music not only provides comfort, but also heals the soul. There are many sayings that come with music, but my favorite is- all things shall perish under the sun, but music shall live on. This is why it is important to have best channels to listen to it.Finding headphones that are not only functional but also unique can be a challenge. Even more challenge is finding comfy headphones. Headphones are just but a channel. Most Comfortable  headphones 2017 have been listed after careful selection and consideration.

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This latest over-the-ear-headphones can be found at Amazon. They are the representation of new technology.  Comfort is at its peak with this fold-up design. The incredible headphones weigh 8.3 ounces, weight you can barely feel when you wear them.

It has technology-advanced Bluetooth toggle on the power switch. Need I mention that it is wireless? Bluetooth wireless capability allows you to add multipoint pairing as well as enable you to connect two devices simultaneously via NFC.

The headband offers 12 separate steps to make you more comfortable,  allowing your ear cups to rotate up to 90 degrees one way and five in the other. It also has an oval design that houses your ear cups fully- all these features are for your maximum comfort.

One of the greatest  feature is its LED battery indicator that allows you to know how much charge you have left. Normally, it shouldn’t be a concern as its charge can last up to twenty hours.

These headphones, are the best headphones 2017, to listen to music!

  • Price-$349


  1. OPPO PM-3

OPPO PM-3 is new of its kind. It has a planar magnetic drivers that create a very coherent sound. The planar magnetic also includes a plastic strip that vibrates rapidly, causing sound to be controlled with precision. This means that you do not have to worry about screeching sounds when you are listening to a high-pitched song. Your ears are also safe with the regulatory mode available.

Comfort is guaranteed with the soft ear cups that offer just the right amount of snug without feeling too tight on the head. In addition, OPPO PM-3 fold flat into their included denim case that’s great for travelling and protection. You can carry them anywhere without inconvenience!

  • Price-$399


  1. SONY MDR-1000X

You can never go wrong with SONY. Once again SONY shines with these comfy headphones. It features a pair of very comfortable faux leather pads and few thin metal. In addition, SONY MDR-1000X  sits on the neck correctly as ear cups rotate in the proper direction.

Say bye to battery anxiety. This comfy headphones have 20 hours of battery life. This means you can travel long distance without worrying about battery life.

The sound from these comfy headphones are of high quality, with a blend of treble as well as defined bass. Listen to your favorite music with these comfy headphones, and enjoy the ecstatic blend of sounds. SONY MDR-1000X is known for Bass perfection.

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For those who prioritize tranquility,  the noise cancellation feature will give you just that. Enjoy a deadened environment in an otherwise noisy environment. You can shop in a noisy mall, walk around a busy street and still enjoy your much needed silence.

  • Price- $299.99



It is difficult to find a pair of inexpensive wireless headphones that sound great. However, Kitsound’s attempt to create ultimate value for money has bore fruits.  The comfy headphones now in market is a set-over-the-ear wireless headphones complete with ANC.

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The comfy headphones are an attraction, especially for teenagers as they come in bright colors. In addition,  it is fairly affordable and the functionality beyond its price tag. These amazing earphones have a convinient design in a way the basic forward, back, volume and power controls are  on the rear side of the right-hand ear cup.

For its fair price, you can now avoid background noise and enjoy your music. KITSOUND IMMERSE WIRELESS HEADPOHNES   is able to canal up to 25 dB of background noise. Not enough for a busy street, but good enough for a run or home-based use.

  • Price- $59.99

Attractive matte finish, with synthetic leather on the headband and ear pads, these comfy headphones are the way to go. The headphones weigh 190g which, is light enough to go on with your business without feeling heavy.

Its headband expands with satisfying clicks. The hinges are solid and therefore does not cause creaking sound . in addition,  the comfy headphones not only have a foam filled ear pads, but also grip firmly without squeezing . They also stay put through reasonable motion.

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You do not have worry about battery running out when listening to your favorite music, these headphones can go up to 30 hours with charge.

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The traditional way of pairing Bluetooth is eliminated all together. The left ear houses the NFC chip hence you simply touch this with a compatible phone and pairing is quick.

  • PRICE-$119

In conclusion, whether you are high or low in budget, getting comfy headphones is as easy as the above list.





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