Top 5 Most Popular Apps To Hide Photos And Videos On Android


Today we all are fond of taking pictures. We wish to capture all the moments in the pictures that we can later see so as to re live the same. Some pictures that we take are good and appropriate for all to see. In this case we share these pictures on social networking sites. There are some that are good enough to share with the family and friends. However, there are some photographs that are secretive. These are good for us to re live our moments but are not appropriate enough for the others to see. In this case you feel a need to have something that acts like a locker for you to hide your pictures. Here we are with the list of Top 5 Most Popular Apps To Hide Photos And Videos On Android

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Top 5 Most Popular Apps To Hide Photos And Videos On Android

Your photos are your major concern and we acknowledge the fact that you do not want anyone to see your pictures. We will help you to maintain your privacy by giving you a brief introduction to the app that assist you in doing so. You are well aware that privacy if breached directly affects your reputation or at least embarrasses you. So, do not compromise with your secret moments. Hold back your photos and videos today by making use of these apps that we have given here. There might be other apps too but these are best as per our experience and perspective. Choose the one that you like and download today.

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1. Secret Photo Vault


A double layered password security application, Secret Photo Vault works unexceptionally well. Using a four-digit pin it secures the app. Also, it secures individual album with the help of a password. With the help of your fingerprint you can unlock your photos and videos. This means that there is no need for you to remember the passwords. Secret Photo Vault is one decent app that takes extra care of your privacy in addition to providing you with Stealth Mode. With the help of this, the app disappears from the recent apps list. The app secures you by saving your photos and videos in a hidden folder that no one can access. In case you tend to forget it sends you the passcode in your email. So there is no concern or issue that bothers you in any way.

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2. Keepsafe Photo Vault


Yet another Most Popular Apps To Hide Photos And Videos on your android is the Keepsafe. All you do has to set a pin, password and fingerprint. Your encrypted private cloud syncs your photos and videos to all your devices if you use this app. The app also assist you in backup in case you lose your phone or any such thing happens with it. Using Keepsafe, you can also click pictures in addition to sharing them from within the app. I guess this is a worthy option and a good app to secure a little space on your phone to maintain your privacy.

3. Hide it Pro


One of the apps having the most diligent design is the Hide it Pro. This app arrives in disguise of an Audio Manager in the app drawer. You have to long press on the Audio Manager title so that the real Hide it Pro launches. It then asks for your PIN and password. Besides the main purpose that the app is meant for, it provides you with a free cloud backup and also allows fingerprint as an unlock key. The app is geared with inbuilt media player. Not only this, but it also disappears from the recent apps list. All this makes it the best app to hide photos and videos.

4. Safe Gallery


One of the most common app to hide photos and videos is the Safe Gallery. This app can be seen in the phone of many android users. It  offers to hide your audio, video and photos only with a few taps. The app gives protection to your files with the assistance of 3 unlock medium. These are the PIN, password or pattern. Not only this, but the Safe Gallery also backs up all your data to aid you to restore in case you suffer a  data loss. You can also avail the App Hide Mode that the app has for you. If you use this then the app does not show up in your phone. Great, isn’t it?



5. Gallery Lock


Gallery Lock is another most popular apps to hide photos and videos. This app unlike the others, provide an intuitive interface as well as a cloud backup. All that you need to do is simply play an MP3 background music while a slideshow in the app. The supports PIN and pattern lock in the form of an unlock key. In addition to this, it has a Stealth Mode to make itself disappear form the launch pad. In case anyone tries to forcefully open the app then the Gallery Lock clicks a pic of the attacker. What much can you expect from an app that catches the criminal red handed for you? so without giving it a second thought make a place for this app on your phone and enjoy the benefits that it has in store to provide you.

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All in all, these are the Top 5 Most Popular Apps To Hide Photos And Videos On Android. All of these apps are really good to hide photos and videos on your Android. Download any of these today and experience the privacy like never before. Though, we would suggest you to keep a back up of your photos. These are not that much consumers of space on your phone too. Therefore, I guess all the reasons are strong enough to allow yourself to visit the play store and avail one of these apps today. Enjoy the privacy without having to keep an eagle eye on your phone.


  1. Excellent post. I use android. But the phone itsself or gallery has an option of keeping albums hidden. Which is a great feature.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you for the feedback. Yes, there are certain smartphones that come with this feature but there are few that require these apps.


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