Top 10 Best Educational Apps For Android To Learn Something New


Best Educational Apps for Android Users:

Nowadays, most of the peoples are using the Android phone device for their daily use. There was a lot of learning apps are available in the Google play store for your Android device. If you want any apps, then you go to google play store and enter the name and download& install it to your device. If you want to gain some skills and knowledge of your favorite subjects, then you just go and download these learning apps on your Android. The best education apps will help you to give learning experience. So, download and install this app on your Android device and get a huge number of benefits to it.  Here ten best learning educational apps for your Android device.

Amazon Kindle


Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular apps for Android smartphone device, and this app allows you to download quickly on your device. The Amazon Kindle app is not only for books. Also, you can read newspapers, magazines through this app. In this traditional app, you can get hundred millions of e-book at your fingertips. This app is useful for each type of the readers like book reader, newspaper reader or magazine reader. As well as buying books, newspapers, magazines, there are lots of free content available via this app.  Download this app and get hundred millions of books easily from this app store. This traditional learning app offers a huge number of features and benefits to the users. The Amazon Kindle app has a built-in dictionary, and that permits you to look up words instantly when you are reading your e-books.

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Coursera is one of the best learning apps for Android. This app has always been one of the favorite resources of free online courses. The app offers free online courses from a multitude of various fields including medicine, mathematics, computer science and much more. With the help of this apps which connect professionals, lifelong learners and students at each and everywhere with the free online courses from the top institutions and universities worldwide. You can browse free online courses and watch lectures at anytime anywhere. There are huge numbers of learning apps are available on the google play store. Coursera app is one of the best options for education, and that is now available on Google Play store for Android users.  This app can help you to keep track of all courses. So, download this app quickly and get all benefits from it.

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Duolingo is one of the best and well-designed language learning apps for your Android device. This app helps you to learn words comfortably in the best manner. The Duolingo apps permit you to learn a lot of different languages like English, Spanish, Italian, French or Portuguese. When compared to other learning apps, the Duolingo app is one of the best ways for your Android device that it uses gamification concept. Duolingo is one of the best tools for your Android device to learn a lot of different languages that you are interested in. If you are a beginner to learn a new language, then this app is one of the best options for you to choose. The Duolingo app assists you to learn different languages through vocabulary activities and traditional matching.

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Khan Academy


Khan Academy is the simple learning apps for Android device, and that is very easy to use. In this app, you can learn anything free at your fingertips. Khan Academy learning app for Android is filled with high-quality video courses and explanations that make learning very effective for learners. Learn about anything on plenty of subjects for free with this best learning app. This app teaches an enormous number of subjects like history, economics, science, mathematics and much more. The learners can use this best app in both offline and online method. The Khan Academy app helps you to download personal content to Android, and you can browse it later without internet connection as well. In this best app, the users can also customize their learning experience with the modifiable font, nighttime mode, line spacing, text size, and margin width and background color. Get more information by downloading this app on your Android device.

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Lynda is the best sources for online learning and it founded by Lynda Weinman. You can learn from hundred millions of courses that are taught by industry experts. This app is straightforward to use on the Android device. If you want to learn skills, build a mobile app, then this app is one of the best options for you. In this app, you can take photography lessons, get business training, learn graphic design, take 3D animation classes, and take the web and interactive design courses, watch audio tutorials and more. You can also download courses for offline mode and learn anytime, anywhere. If you want to get more information, then you download this app for your Android device.

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PhotoMath is one of the best apps to solve math problems by pointing your camera to them. This is the best app that works similar to QR readers, and it shows you the best solution for problems within seconds. PhotoMath is an excellent app that helps you to solve math problems in seconds, but you don’t this photo match at high school. The students can use this app to learn math problems while the parents can use this tool to check their children homework quickly. With this best app, you can have the Math teacher on your pocket. The app supports basic arithmetic’s, linear equations, decimal numbers, fractions and various functions such as logarithms. This app offers you a huge number of features. So, download this best app quickly on the google play store for your Android device.

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SoloLearn is one of the best free learning apps for Android in the Google Play Store. You can easily download this app from Google play store. This is the best learning app for teaching computer programmings such as CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript, Python, and C #, Java, Swift, SQL, and Ruby. SoloLearn app is one of the best ways to learn code. There are plenty of apps are available on the google play store. This is one of the best apps to learn the system of computer programming. If you are a beginner to learn code language, then this app will guide you to learn about the programming in a computer.

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Udacity is one of the most exciting learning apps for Android device, and that is now available on the Google play store. Today, this app for Android experience is fast, flexible, and still evolving. Learn all basics of Android and Java programming, and take the first step on your journey to become Android developer. This free course is designed for the students those who are new to the computer programming. With the help of Udacity app, you can get various skills in different fields such as Data Science, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Web and App Development and much more. Use this app to manage your personalized learning experience fully.

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Udemy is one of the best educational platforms that provide a huge number of courses in many subjects. It is the best way to gain some skills and knowledge in the subject or to learn the subject for the first time. Using this Udemy app, you can purchase, browse and view content in a lot of courses that range from learning the second language to the public speaking, cooking to the graphic design and much more. This app is straightforward to use. Udemy app UI is essential, and it follows Android design recommendations. This is one of the best application for the peoples those who are looking to learn many things. If you are looking for the opportunity to learn some skills and knowledge, then you pick this app. In this app, you will get a huge number of benefits. Download this app on the google play store quickly and get all features on it.



YouTube is an official app, and it is one of the most popular video hosting sites in the world. It is the free online apps that help the Android users to find, download and watch the videos on their devices. This app is not only searching and downloading a huge number of video files but also it can play them after and before the download are complete. In this app, there were the enormous number of videos are uploaded daily. With the help of this official application, you can easily and quickly access all videos as well. One of the most important features of this app is that it permits you to play videos in the background. Other notable features of this app are that you can send the videos from your Android device to your TV through the Chromecast device. YouTube app for Android is a handy app for the peoples those who ever watches YouTube videos. YouTube is one of the best official apps that are recommended for any Android device users.

These were the 10 best eduaction learning apps for your Android. Get all these features by downloading the app on your Android device.


  1. I use Duo and SoloLearn myself and they’re great. Will try some of the others as well. They sound like good suggestions.

  2. Excellent list of incredibly useful apps.. We are planning for minimal tech exposure for our kid till he is old enough..

  3. Lots of great tips for apps I have never heard of….off to check some of them out. Particularly interested in looking at the Lynda one. Thanks!

  4. Frankly speaking I have never used any of this apps cause I don’t know they exist before now nice of you sharing this, I will surely give it a try.

  5. PhotoMath!! I know only about 2 apps from the list rest are very new for me. Thanks for Sharing such an informative post!

  6. It’s very beneficial for each one of us to gain knowledge. And in such technical world, apps are the best way to get awareness and knowledge! I was searching to get the educational apps, thanks for telling.

  7. Duolingo sounds like the perfect app for me with all my travelling. Thanks for the recommendation – will check it out! x


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