10 Best Transit Android Apps For Smarter Travel All Around


Are you looking for the best real-time urban travel companion? Transit App helps you to guide and navigate in the city’s public transit system based on the accurate real-time predictions. Whether you are looking for step-by-step navigation, simple trip planning, departure and stop reminders, service disruption notifications or any other service, installing the Transit App in your Android Smartphone would be a great option. Public transit has improved a lot everywhere in the world these days. From 1995, public transit in the US is around 34% and many companies like Uber and many others have revolutionized space with complete flexible features. With higher public transit options available, it is easier to travel from one to another without any hassle. Many Transit companies help you find you to find out a large variety of transportation system in much more simpler way and suitable for saving your money and time without any hassle. Here is a list of top 10 best transit apps for Android:

Best Transit Apps For Android in 2017

  1. Citymapper


Citymapper is one of the ultimate Transit App that offers complete accessibilities. Citymapper is the top entry point in transit Apps that supports most of the things. The Citymapper App includes taxis, subways, cabs, ferries and many other services so, the user can choose accordingly. Citymapper also lets the user get instant

  • Check nearby Departure times
  • Follow Step-by-step directions
  • Offline maps
  • Receive alerts
  • Find the fastest route

Citymapper App covers dozens of cities in the US, dozen in Europe, few in Asia and Australia as well as few in Canada. Citymapper is a good start and perfect for everybody.

  1. Curb


Curb is one of the famous Transit Apps. Curb is a taxi App that easily connects more than 50,000+ taxis in more than 65 US cities. Some of the top cities that Curb App covers are New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago and many others. in fact, it is much more convenient to make immediate request for the ride. In fact, you can also book a cab for later and much more convenient to use App for paying the rides that you find on your own. Curb is new and through its fair share. No need to wait a long time for the bus as you can schedule your location in the Curb and get instant Taxi to reach your destination.

  • Connect with the nearby fully-insured and licensed drivers
  • Pay taxi fare with Paypal or credit card
  • Request regular taxi and wheelchair accessible vehicle
  • Receive e-receipt of each ride
  • Earn free Curb rides with personal referral code


  1. EasyWay Public Transport


The EasyWay Public Transport App is the top end taxi App and sets larger footprints of all the transit apps. EasyWay Public Transport App is available in more than 400 cities in South, North and Central America. The App works easily and finds it easier with the GPS location. User can conveniently ride to that location without any hassle. Most of the people who are looking for instant transit option can choose the EasyWay Public Transport App in the Middle East region.

  • Offline mode
  • Optimal A to B route search
  • Route scheme, service time, travel cost and schedule
  • GPS tracking of movement
  • Full list of current public transport routes
  • Display-on-the-map possibility


  1. EasyWay App


Do you like to get the totally revamped and seamless service of transit system, installing the EasyWay App would be a great option. This public transit App service is available in the Eastern Europe. EasyWay covers more than 50 cities in the Ukraine, few places in Croatia, Serbia, Moldova and Bulgaria as well as it covers more than 50 cities in Russia. EasyWay App is simple to use so you can conveniently open the App anytime without any hassle. EasyWay service covers a large part of area around the world and it would give you a classic positive experience.

  • Real-time Stop schedule
  • Real-time Route direction
  • Bookmarks, Routes Cache and Cities for traffic optimization
  • Information on the wheelchair accessible transport
  • Multi-language interface


  1. Lyft


Need a lift? Use the Lyft App for getting the most affordable ride within minutes. Instead of choosing a cab or waiting for a bus, you can just install the App and request a car with the tap of a button. You will be picked by the nearby friendly driver to your destination right away. Lyft App service works well. It is really good alternative to the Uber when you do not like for any kind of reason. You can checks the multiple riders, pay through the Lyft App as well as many more.

  • Enjoy a welcoming and memorable ride
  • Cheaper than a taxi
  • Faster than the bus
  • Easy to use


  1. Moovit App


Moovit App is the Number 1 local transit app trusted by more than 60 million riders across 1400 cities. Moovit App brings you the precise and robust information for all the public transit App and there is number of cities included. You can use Moovit App to find Train schedules, Subway schedules, Bus schedules, Trams and more. Moovit is another popular transit Apps suitable for enabling higher standard driving. Most people gained a good experience with using the Moovit App.

  • Live Directions with get-off notifications
  • Bike Share
  • Real Time Arrival
  • Global Coverage
  • Favorites Screen
  • Moovit Widget
  • Live Ride


  1. OneBusAway


OneBusAway App is one new Transit Apps that supports most of the cities in the USA. Some of the cities include New York, Rogue Valley, San Diego, Tampa Bay, Washington DC and many other cities. OneBusAway App helps you to find the bus stops in your area. It is also considered as the source for finding out the arrival times with local transportation agency. These developers plan to expand more later and it is pretty good to use it accordingly. OneBusAway App is simple to use and find the nearby stops on a map.

  1. Transit App


Transit is the real-time urban travel companion that helps you to navigate in the city with the accurate real-time predictions. This app has the decent sized footprint and supports more than 125 cities across the US, Australia, Europe and Canada. It tells you the schedules for Subways, Buses as well as similar modes of Transportation in high excellence. Transit App syncs up with the local transportation agencies with simply fantastic an absolute manner .

  • Step-by-step navigation
  • Instant alerts
  • Bike sharing stations
  • Integration with Uber


  1. Uber

Uber App is the ridesharing App to attain the reliable, fast and secure ride in minutes both day and night. No need to wait for a taxi or bus to park as you can instantly save more money with the Uber. Within a few tap in the Uber App, you can automatically request a ride and it is much more easier to pay with the cash or credit in the selected cities. Uber definitely covers almost all the services so that it would be quite easier for enabling complete transit options. This App service covers more than 500 cities across the world and frequently expanding. Uber features usual stuff and it would automatically ping the location through the app. User can conveniently pay through Uber App and rate your drivers. Uber Transit App is one of the most iconic transportation App. Everyone would have heard about the Uber driver stories on social media and many other areas.

  • Request your Uber is easy
  • Open the Uber app and tell where you like to go
  • Uber app uses your location and the driver knows where to pick you up
  • Driver’s picture and vehicle details will be sent to you along with tracking their arrival on the map
  • Payment could be made by credit card, Android Pay, PayPal, cash in select cities and more
  • Rate your driver
  • Get a receipt by email


  1. CittaMobi

You no longer need to be at a point to know of the bus you pass. Get the finest local transportation services using the CittaMobi App and save more money in a high extensive way. CittaMobi is one of the easy to transit program and mainly focuses on the real time transportation service to the destination. The Public Transit list focused on worldwide services and the US. There are many number of transit Apps for many countries and larger cities around the world. The CittaMobi, is the top end transit app that covers major regions such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Large cities such as New York have the dedicated service with the constant transportation facilities.

  • Search for the nearest points and know practically about all location
  • Search by buses for wheelchair users
  • Point and Line Favorites
  • Facilitate your search for quick access at estimated arrival time
  • Get full view of the surrounding stop point
  • Check all the lines on your point of interest
  • Get on the bus feature lets you to predict arrival time at point of the line


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