15 Best Useful Android Apps of 2017


Presently the Android platform is getting booms on the major field and as result, it lets the major developer develop the wide range of the application with all sort of features and support. Here the useful Android apps 2017 which stand at the highest position of the pantheon. Hence, this application becomes ubiquitous along with the Android and if you are looking for the good stuff which aimed to provide the best support to use the application over the mobile. Hence, the user can go with the best Useful Android Apps to the markets and those applications are built with the auto update, which remains to make use with real comfort.

Best Useful Android Apps of 2017 :

ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN – Android Apps on Google Play

Most of the people wish to protect the Android device form the public WiFi and they required static VPS. Hence, they are searching the best application and ExpressVPN stops the major search of the people due to its special features and much more support. This application is trusted and well-secured band with the latest algorithm over the Private network. It is highly faster as well as the high safety, which is boasting an SSL secured network along with the 256-bit encryption. Hence, it provides the high speed and unlimited bandwidth. .This application hold service around 78 countries includes Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries in more than 100 locations around the world.


  • Top ranking application in the Android
  •  Log free VPN
  •  Unlimited bandwidth
  •  Best in class encryption
  •  Suitable to run on major device

1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar – Android Apps on Google Play  1Weather-Widget-Forecast-Radar-Best-Weather-Apps-for-Android

It is new arguably weather application out over the market to download for all version of the Smartphone. This application is out with the paginated design and simple to make use to find out the present weather, radar, fun stats and another forecast for 12 weeks. On the other hand, it has set of lightly customized widgets and it provides major notification on the weather. Then you can message before of the storms approach through the radar. It is completely free version and paid version so the customer can go with any one of the best options to make use of the application.

Blue Mail Inc. – Android Apps on Google Play Blue Mail - Email Exchange

It is considered as the email application, which built with the great features like simple interface, high compatibility with virtually email provider. On other hands, it remains neat and clean. This applicant has the option of smart setting which gives hand to customize the major user experience and it out along with the Android Wear support. By using this application, it allows locking private emails, color coding, widgets and much more. This app is highly effective and very simple to make use in a risk-free manner. On the other hand, it is free to access directly from the official website and make use in a winning way. This application has auto update often with the free and it has the rating of 4.7 stars and 5 starts.

Google Drive – Android Apps on Google Play

This application is specially used to store a large amount of data with the secured password. It allows the new user to make use of the 15GB for permanent signup. This application is built with Google Docs, Google Photos, Gmail, Google sheet, Google Keep, Google calendar and much more. This application let the customer save more number of the photos and other videos backup with no risk of it. So this useful Android application let to access at any time with no risk of it.

Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation  – Google Play

It is one of navigation apps, which is scene and stay as best and suitable Android application forever. This application gets update shortly with the new feature, which let to enjoying the new experience. From this application; the user can obtain the places of interest, traffic data, gas station and d much more. At the same time, this application support to run in the offline to access the exact location.

Ask Google Assistant – Android Apps on Google PlayGoogle-Assistant

It comes with the powerful Android application and above two applications are same things to make use. At present, the Google Now is voice support which acts as the Cortina and Assistant is same as Google Now so it will be simple and effective to make use in a fine manner. When you come to the Assistant application, which is support for the Google pixel mobile, and Google Allo. With the special development in the mobile world congress, you can make use of the application to get voice search, send texts and another command in a fine manner.

YouTube Music – Android Apps on Google Play

This application is the support to run and read both music and local file over the online and it allows uploading more than 10000 of the song to service for zero cost. Most of the Google Play Music subscriber can receive the You Tube red and it help to mover most of the ads on the You Tube. This application never needs of additional software and tools to run over the Smartphone.

LastPass Password Manager – Android Apps on Google Playbest-useful-android-apps

LastPass is one of the important Android apps, which are commonly used to for the password manager. Then it allows saving login credentials in safe and well secure manner. This application has the ability to generate an impossible password for your account and it controls the master password of major thing. Apart from that, it built with the cross-platform support, which can be used in the mobile, tablets, and another computer. It is premium version is available to buy at cheap price so you can grab Lastpass authenticator along with the security.

Nova Launcher – Android Apps on Google Playbest-useful-android-apps

This application completely differs from the ordinary launcher and it application is well updated with the new option every day so it brings additional comfort for the customer to make use in a fine manner. It built with the special features such as backup the data and it helps to restore the home screen set up in a fine manner. On the other hand, it allows changing the icon and another theme of the application. It has the option to make your make look of the device like Pixel Launcher when you need. When you go with the paid application, the user can make use of the gesture control and icon swipe, UN read count badges and much more. Hence, this application will be good to make use of all version of the Smartphone.

Pocket Casts – Android Apps on Google Play

Due to the presence of huge application, the customer can face a lot of trouble to go with the right application like the Pocket cast. It is one of the best looking applications, which allow the customer to download or stream the different post cast for special enjoyment. This is designed with the light as well as dark theme, which can synchronize the podcast across the major device. So last podcast application that can download the best and suitable application in a fine manner.

Solid Explorer File Manager – Android Apps on Google Play 

Most of the people are looking forward the best files browsing inevitably so here the Solid Explorer is best to file browsing with the special support and comfort to make use of the mobile phone. It built with update specification such archiving support, cloud-based service, material design, WebDAV, FTP, SFPT and much more. This app delivers the stable and works well over the Android phone. This application is available to make with the update features for 14 days trail and ultimately this application is the cost of $1.99.

SwiftKey Keyboard – Android Apps on Google Play

Thos application is an effective and customizable of third party keywords and it is hit more fans and a follower over the market several years ago. This application develops before many years and it is free to make use and purchase themes, which you need. It built with the swift key flow, which let the gesture typing with the option of the multiple languages, cross-device and much more. This keyword brings special comfort in the keyboard space and it is really that the Microsoft obtain the own swift key.

Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks – Android Apps on Google Play

This application is a support to track of different task taken that you need to do. Then it has basic stuff which remembering to take the major trash and another thing such task which wants complete at work. This application is a free version which gives basic function such the reminder, when the pro version is made of major business related and this application can make use of grocery list when need makes enough. Then it can download the free of cost from the official website.

YouTube – Android Apps on Google Playbest-useful-android-apps

It is one of the best social media applications, which is video platform. This application makes use of the education, reviews, news, entertainment, music and much more. This application is very simple to make use and you can find out the playlist, subscribe to the major channels and other activities. YouTube Red are for $9.99 per month, which can list to the videos with the ad-free experience. Hence, most of the people wish to installed YouTube and enjoy watching the major update videos in a fine manner.

ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers – Android Apps on Google Play ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

An app is specially designed to provide ringtones, notification, wallpaper and major alarm tone to offer the number of the option to customize the basic part of devices. On the top of the application, you can find out the huge collection of major things. Here it promotes the various items during the holiday season, which makes it simple to change the theme the phone up of Christmas. , Halloween and much more.



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