5 Most Popular And Effective Face Make Up Apps For Fashion Freaks


This is the era of technology where everything is available with just the click of a mouse, inclusive of the makeup and other fashion products. Gone are the days when you had to make a huge effort to choose the shade of your choice. Here is the list of 5 Most Popular And Effective Make Up Apps for fashion freaks:

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If you want gorgeous lip or smoky shadow look that you see in your favorite magazine then click a photo and upload it to Glamscout. Within the fraction of seconds, the app identifies the makeup shades on the eyes, skin, and face with product matches from more than 80 brands across various price points. There are many options for you that you can virtually try on the makeup by using the camera of the device as a mirror. Be sure that your new lip look is exactly how you want it before you make the purchase.


YouCam provides you the digital makeovers with flattering filters. All this gives your selfie its full potential, one-touch makeovers in addition to a fully equipped hairstyle studio with the latest cut and color options. You can try on looks that are the creation of the top sellers from Laura Geller, Elizabeth Arden, and Ardell. You can easily snatch up the products to look just as good IRL.

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Finding the right shade is one of the global concerns faced by the female gender. For those who fall in this category, MatchCo is a blessing as it creates a bespoke blend and delivers it straight to your do in just few hours. What you need to do is scan a few images of your skin be it your cheeks, forehead, and wrists making use of your cell phone and indoor light. Thereafter there is no need for you to mix and match the fountain shades.

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4.The Glam App

Joey Maalouf is the celebrity hair and make-up artist behind the app. Rachel Zoe and Molly Sims and actress/blogger Cara Santana, are some of his clients. This is a beauty on-demand app wjich is the most recent in the app world. The Glam App have a variety of freelance stylists and artists who are working with it and offering hair, nails and makeup services right at your door. Be it an updo, a manicure, or a blowout, that you are looking for, you will be able to select your own stylist and ask them each time when you need an at-home glam session. At present, it is ready for use in New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, Dallas and Las Vegas.


Spruce offers dermatologist appointments virtually using your phone so that you can take skincare to the next level. You need to choose a certified dermatologist through the app as there is each doctor’s profile available to choose from. Then you can share skin issues, information and photos through the app. Be it an acne breakout or a skin rash, you can share photos or details regarding your condition immediately through the app. In less than 24 hours, you will get a personalized skincare treatment plan and prescriptions. If the need arise. The virtual skincare consultation and treatment plan is available for just $40 for those who want to avoid a visit to the office of the dermatologist.

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Are you in need of some pampering sessions while at home or at work? Then here is the right choice or more precisely the right app. Priv app lets you order a masseuse, personal trainer, yoga instructor, hairstylist, manicurist or makeup artist directly at your doorstep. You can order several services at once and select their Priv professional using the app. It is available in both New York and Los Angeles. The services are delivered in as fast as an hour or booked up to 48 hours in advance for the best beauty indulgence.

7.Keep Shopping

Those who have an addiction to buy the beauty products, this app is ideal. The app allows you to shop by making use of a universal mobile cart. Now you can buy the beauty products from Chanel, CVS, Sephora and many other at onence using the same cart. This provides you a seamless shopping experience. In addition to this, users can also discover the beauty products that are trending and new just by scrolling through the feed.

8.Misfit Shine

The Misfit Shine app works via Misfit’s fitness tracking watches to track your beauty sleep and health regimen. Using this app, you can monitor food intake, daily activity, and your sleep cycle. After monitoring this, you can set goals for your sleep, diet and exercise routine. This brings a new definition to “beauty sleep”. The sleep tracker of the app works with a smart alarm to get you on a sleeping schedule. This makes you feel as if you are replete with energy and rest. There is also a food tracking log and activity levels that come as a suggestion for you to meet each day.


Upload your selfie and see what Visada does to it. You can analyze your picture to develop a personalized comprehensive beauty profile. The app simply breaks down the assessment of your skin and eye care, thus providing you suggestions to improve your beauty regimen. Not only this but for makeup and hair, Visada offers product suggestions in specific colors plus shades to aid you to perfect your beauty routine to the best.

10.L’Oreal Makeup Genius

L’Oreal’s new app is the perfect app for one who is a beauty lover. There is no need for you to visit the drugstores or makeup counters so as to try on infinite smudges of umpteen shades unlike what you did in the past. Here in this app you have a real-time camera that lets you try on any beauty product or shade that you wish. The camera pretends to be your mirror and allows you to put on various beauty looks, showing the makeup on your face as you tend to move. In addition to this, you can also try different makeup looks that range from the red carpet to day to day normal looks.

All in all, the best apps for makeup are right at your reach. So, you can download it today and enjoy using them.


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